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WATCH: Palestinian Protests Erupt in Gaza Against Hamas Leadership

Recent videos surfacing on a Telegram channel named “Gaza’s Liberators” have captured a series of protests across the Gaza Strip, voicing opposition against the Hamas leadership. The clips, filmed in Rafah and Jabaliya, show residents chanting slogans demanding the return of Hamas leaders from abroad, including Ismail Haniyeh, the politburo chief residing in Qatar, and senior official Osama Hamdan, linked to Lebanon.

The protesters’ chants, rhyming in Arabic, specifically called out to Haniyeh and Hamdan, urging them to return from Turkey and Lebanon, respectively. Other videos featured cries for the downfall of Hamas, with slogans such as “Sinwar, Haniyeh, the people are the victims,” and demands for basic necessities like a bag of flour, highlighting the dire situation facing the population.

Amid these demonstrations, it was reported that Hamas security forces responded with live fire in both Rafah and Jabaliya, leading to one death and several serious injuries. The exact number of participants in these protests remains unclear.

The IDF’s Arabic language spokesperson, Avichay Adraee, shared some of these clips on the social media platform X, pointing out that the people of Gaza recognize the devastating impact of Hamas’s leadership on their living conditions.

These protests come as the latest expression of public dissent against Hamas, following a series of rallies triggered by the shooting of a Palestinian teenager by Hamas police last Friday. The teenager was reportedly killed while attempting to retrieve items from a humanitarian aid truck, igniting riots at the Rafah crossing.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. These cowards have plundered billions of dollars in humanitarian aid directed to the Palestinians. They’ve enriched themselves and the world honors them. Their accounts must all be frozen and the money directed toward the rebuilding of the cities and towns in the strip. These decrepit leaders should get no part in the, ever!

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