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DRAMATIC FOOTAGE: Watch Heroic Israeli Cop Chase And Shoot Terrorist Dead

In the wake of Thursday morning’s shooting attack near Ma’ale Adumim, police have released footage captured by a dashcam, showing the intense confrontation between officers and terrorists.

The video shows an officer chasing after and firing at one of the three Palestinian terrorists responsible for the attack on the Route 1 highway, just a few hundred meters from the az-Za’ayyem checkpoint. The officer is seen opening fire during the pursuit.

Tragically, the attack claimed the life of an Israeli man and left 11 others wounded. Two of the gunmen were shot dead during the incident, while the third was captured alive.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Why did have to kill him? Couldn’t he just tell him not to do it again? They’re such a law-abiding people; certainly he would listen!

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