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Hope For Hostage Deal? Hamas Backed Down From Some Of Its Demands

Israel’s Channel 13 reported on Motzei Shabbos that progress was made in the hostage deal talks in Paris and that Hamas “softened its demands.”

According to the report, the potential deal includes the following:

  • About 40 hostages – women, adults over 50 and the sick – will be released for hundreds of Palestinians imprisoned in Israel. According to an Axios report, the released prisoners will include terrorists convicted of murdering Israelis and serving long sentences.
  • A 6-week ceasefire.
  • Israel will agree to release more terrorists in certain categories than agreed so far.
  • According to a foreign source, Israel is ready to hold a dialogue about those released from the Shalit deal who were re-arrested.
  • ⁠Israel will show significant flexibility in humanitarian issues – both regarding the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip and the return of residents to the northern Gaza Strip.
  • ⁠Israel will not commit to ending the war.

A senior Israeli political official emphasized on Motzei Shabbos: “We are still far from a deal, but Hamas dropped some of its demands.”

A Channel 12 report said that the members of Israel’s war cabinet will vote on Motzei Shabbos by phone whether to approve the hostage deal.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


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  1. Israel will be freeing more terrorists for the hostages. The head of Hamas was freed by Israel in a previous deal.

    Is it worth freeing more terrorists?

  2. Isreal should stand by their demand that hamas unconditionally release all hostages and surrender. Such negotiations only convince hanas and their backers to hold on just a bit longer.

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