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IDF Spokesperson In WSJ: “The Media-Savvy Murderers of Hamas”

IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari wrote an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, in which he explained the evil tactics of the Hamas terror group.

He began by stating that “the Hamas massacre of Oct. 7 is arguably the most well-documented attack in history. The meticulously choreographed spectacle of savagery and sadism saw Hamas mercilessly murder, butcher, rape and burn Israeli families alive—documenting their crimes with GoPros and cellphones. The terrorists even live-streamed their atrocities on their victims’ social-media accounts.”

“That was only the first phase of Hamas’s media strategy. When the fighting shifted to Gaza, Hamas went from massacring Israeli civilians to hiding behind Gazan civilians. For the past 16 years, Hamas has systematically embedded its terror infrastructure inside and under civilian areas in Gaza as part of its human-shield strategy. IDF troops discovered that most homes in Gaza have terror tunnels underneath or weapon caches inside, and the majority of schools, mosques, hospitals and international institutions have been used by Hamas for their military operations.”

“Hamas has forced Gazans to stay in active combat zones by blocking their attempts to move out of harm’s way. When civilians manage to reach the safer areas to which we guide them, Hamas then moves to those areas, turning humanitarian zones into staging areas for further attacks.”

“By embedding itself among civilians, Hamas conceals itself from the cameras covering the conflict. By instructing terrorists to dress in civilian clothes, Hamas camouflages its terrorists as innocents. By waging war from inside and underneath hospitals, Hamas hopes that international law and public sympathy will provide a shield for their military activities.”

Hagari then contrasted the behavior of the IDF, which “conducts its operations with caution, transparency and in accordance with international law.”

“Our strategy remains consistent and clear: Ensure that Oct. 7 never happens again. We will continue fulfilling this mission while upholding our values and exposing the true face of Hamas to the world,” he concludes.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

2 Responses

  1. Touching words about Tzahal. But you are preaching to the choir. That message of Hamas’s barbarity appears to be forgotten among the pro-Palestinian useful fools protesting against Israel.

  2. Most of the Mainstream News Media is staffed by:
    Leftists, Socialists, Progressives, and Liberals.
    All of these people are allies of Muslims.

    They will do everything possible to conceal
    the wrongdoings of Muslims, and when that
    is not possible, they will do everything possible
    to minimize the wrongdoings of Muslims,

    This is also true of: the Hollywood entertainment industry,
    almost all college professors and administrators,
    the American Democratic Party,
    many large non-profit organizations,
    most of the non-Fundamentalist churches,
    and almost all non-Orthodox Jews.

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