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HY’D: Two IDF Soldiers Fall In Battle, Raising Death Toll To 242

Two IDF has announced that two soldiers were R”L killed in battle in Gaza on Tuesday, and an additional seven others were seriously wounded.

The two soldiers have been identified as:

– Maj. Yiftach Shachar, HY’D, from Paran, a small moshav in the Arava. Shachar, z’l, a company commander in the Givati Brigade, is the fourth fallen soldier from the council to be killed since the beginning of the war in Gaza. He left behind his parents and siblings.

– Cpt. Itai Seif HY’D, 24, a platoon commander in the Givati Brigade’s Tzabar Battalion, from Yerucham.

Their deaths raises the death toll of the ground war in Gaza since the beginning of the war to 242.

As YWN reported earlier on Tuesday, seven soldiers were seriously wounded when an explosive device detonated. All seven are Talmidim of the Yeshivat Hesder HaGolan.

The names for tefillah are:

יאיר בן נעמי אסתר
משה אהרון בן לאה ביילא
אלרועי ינון בן סיגל
יותם בן זהבה
חיים בן מרים
אריאל בן אפרת
איתי בן רחל

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)



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