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TEFILLOS: 7 Talmidim Of Same Yeshivah Injured In Booby-Trapped Tunnel Shaft

Seven talmidim of the Yeshivat Hesder HaGolan were injured in an explosion of a booby-trapped tunnel shaft in Gaza on Tuesday morning.

The seven serve as combat soldiers in the Givati Brigade.

The yeshivah, located in Ramat HaGaolan, issued a statement: “Unfortunately, several of our soldiers were injured this morning in an incident in Gaza, two of them seriously.”

The names for tefillah are:

יאיר בן נעמי אסתר
משה אהרון בן לאה ביילא
אלרועי ינון בן סיגל
יותם בן זהבה
חיים בן מרים
אריאל בן אפרת
איתי בן רחל

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

11 Responses

  1. What a waste of human life and resources, what a sick joke this non-war has become.
    Any other normal country in Israel’s shoes, would have obliterated Gaza in the first seven days.Israel should have carpet bombed that hell hole without leaving one house standing and turning it into a parking lot, and only then send in your troops to clean out the dead rats, instead of sending them to fight house to house.
    Remember how Berlin, Dresden and Hiroshima looked after the last world war, that’s exactly how Gaza should have looked after the first week.
    Instead of 9000 dead sewer rats, there should have been 900,000 dead rats.
    There are NO innocent civilians in Gaza, and the whole world knows it, these filthy rats voted for Hamas support Hamas, exactly like there were no innocent Germans or Japanese and millions were killed, that is the only way you execute and win wars.
    God have mercy on the land and people of Israel who are being led by leftist cowardly murderers whose life of the enemy is more important than the lives of their own young soldiers, and who are willing to sacrifice their own young men and women on the altar of leftism to satisfy the antisemitic swines of the EU the UN and that demented sewer rat in the White house.
    Every single murderous gangster in this cabinet (including the ones with beards and shtreimels) should be hanging from the gallows.

  2. to @chugibugi :
    What a bunch of hateful garbage!!
    This is the type of sewage that antisemites use to incite the world against Israel! There are no innocent civilians in Gaza? How about the thousands of children killed in the bombings? Did they vote for Hamas? The last elections in Gaza were held in 2006 that’s 18 years ago! since then Hamas ruled without elections!
    And BTW even if they did vote for Hamas and put them in power do they get the death penalty for voting for Hamas?
    What part of the Torah condones killing of innocent men woman and children children?
    Of course Israel has the right to wage war in self defense but it must follow international law if it wants continued support from the USA, doing anything even remotely close to indiscriminate killing of civilians like @chugibugi suggests would for sure be the end of any American aid and might be the cause of a major middle east war on several fronts! Chas Vesholom there would be alot more casualties!

  3. Chugsbugi; What a lot of pompous nonsense! World War 2 was not eon by carpet bombing Dresden, Berlin etc. It was won by a ground invasion in Europe and major naval battles in Asia.
    The ground invasion came at a tremendous human cost. Furthermore WW2 was fought between major powers.

    The fact is Moshiach didn’t come yet and Israel is in many ways a vassal state of the USA. If Israel would have followed your murderous advice they would be ostracized by the major economic powers and end up in worse shape than a third world backwater like North Korea et al.

  4. To Comment #1


    Every day that passes by we see how sick the Israeli Government is ( both parties, with a few exceptions are infected with the liberal ideology) They endangered so many lives for no reason

  5. we are doing the best we can…..just don’t pals with Christian or Muslim ….draw your lines……we are not the problem …..they are

  6. @bigchoosid six year olds came on Oct7 to murder and steal.
    See the last line of אל נהרות בבל
    Support from the American military industrial complex is crippling in the long run

  7. Bigchossid.

    Chugi b is absolutely correct.

    It is unfortunate that you support the deaths of Jewish soldiers.

    On Purim are you going to stomp your feet every time they read Mordechai and Esther’s names?

  8. @bigchoosid (big choosid shoite).
    Don’t you realize what Hamas is doing?. It is hiding behind its own civilians in order to protect themselves, therefore if the only way to destroy Hamas and protect the seven million Jews in Eretz Yisroel is through collateral damage where civilians are killed then Israel has no choice, it is Hamas that is murdering it’s own people not Israel.
    According to your twisted and criminally insane logic, Israel could never again win a war against it’s enemies if they decide to hide behind their women and children,
    and should just let themselves be slaughtered just like on Oct.7

  9. @bigchoosid, it’s the anti-Semites who are spewing your garbage that Israel is deliberately killing women and children when everybody knows that it is a filthy LIE.
    They have no choice but to protect themselves while fighting for their lives by eradicating those murdering Hamas animals.
    It is those Hamas cowards who have sentenced to death those thousands of civilians by hiding behind their backs, just like the cowards that they are.

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