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PLAYING WITH FIRE: Israeli Activists Break Into Gaza, Attempt To Rebuild Yishuvim

Dozens of Israelis activists crossed into Gazan territory on Thursday afternoon, defying Israeli military checkpoints and sparking a confrontation with troops. The activists, who had gathered at the Erez crossing to rally for the rebuilding of Israeli settlements in Gaza, broke through an IDF checkpoint and entered the Strip.

According to the IDF, some activists managed to penetrate hundreds of meters into Gaza before being corralled by soldiers. Others set up makeshift buildings adjacent to the border fence, declaring it the rebirth of the yishuv movement in Gaza ended by Israel in 2005.

Video footage shows IDF soldiers rounding up activists well inside Gaza and taking them back to Israel. Meanwhile, other activists set up structures beyond the walls of the Erez crossing on Israeli territory.

The Nachala organization, which has been pushing for the resettlement of Gaza, released images of the activists erecting buildings and holding a religious ceremony. The activists claimed to be establishing a new settlement called New Nisanit, named after a former settlement evacuated in 2005.

The IDF said that those who made it inside Gaza were eventually turned back and taken back to Israel.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. So they want to change the war into one about Israel stealing Gaza from the Gazans, rather than Israel defending itself against genocidal terrorists????

  2. They’re not activists. They’re murderers.
    Precisely these so called Jews brought upon the Oct 7 massacre. They are downright thirsty for blood.

  3. Kol haKovod to Nachala:- I am full mm of admiration for you.
    Sham & shame on Ariel Sharon for shutting down shuls & evicting Jews from Gaza. Too bad he wasn’t familiar with the borders delineated in Massei.

  4. So ironic that this news comes literally the day before we read about the eigel. No sane people would do this. This is only due to idolatry, namely Zionism (regardless of whether or not they also observe mitzvos). Eileh elohecha, Zionists.

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