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BITTERSWEET: Wife Of Israeli Hostage Gives Birth 5 Months Into Husband’s Captivity

Michal Lubnov, the wife of Alex Lubnov, an Israeli held hostage in Gaza, gave birth to their second child, a son, on Friday. The newborn and mother are doing well and are surrounded by family at Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Medical Center.

Alex Lubnov, 32, has been missing since October 7, when Hamas terrorists launched an assault on the Supernova desert party, where he was working as a head barman. He has been held captive for 147 days.

Michal Lubnov has been struggling to cope with her husband’s captivity, saying that every day is a struggle to survive and that the anxiety is crushing. She says that she has not heard from or about or husband since he was taken captive, and that hostages who were already freed could provide no information about him.

“I keep going because I really believe the day will come when he returns and he needs me strong and fighting, strong for the kids. That’s what keeps me somehow sane,” she said.

The couple’s story is just one of many, as 130 Israelis remain held hostage in Gaza, with many differences remaining between Israel and Hamas in talks for their release.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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