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Biden Stands Firm Against Conditioning Aid To Israel Despite Growing Pressure

US President Joe Biden is holding firm on his policy towards Israel, resisting calls to condition military aid to the country despite growing political pressures. Sources close to the matter told NBC that President Biden harbors doubts about the efficacy of withholding military support, believing that while Israel would welcome additional security assistance, it is not presently in dire need of it.

This stance comes amid concerns from some within his party that changing the US’s unwavering support for Israel could lead to a loss of support among Jewish voters. A Democratic donor privy to Biden’s thoughts on the issue told NBC, “You don’t want to send a mixed signal that they’re going to turn their backs on Israel.”

Speaking on condition of anonymity, officials indicated that the President’s position is likely to remain unchanged in the wake of the recent mass-casualty event involving an aid convoy in north Gaza, as long as there remains hope for a hostage deal.

The incident has prompted questions about the reliability of Israel’s investigation into the events, with one source noting to NBC News the challenges faced by Washington in obtaining independent assessments due to limited on-the-ground resources. There is skepticism among some US officials regarding Israel’s willingness to provide a comprehensive account of the Gaza City incident.

A US official underscored the significant impact of the episode on the already fragile trust between the negotiating parties, reflecting President Biden’s concerns. The negotiations, which once saw delegates meeting face-to-face, have now shifted to being conducted remotely, signaling a cautious approach in the wake of recent developments.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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