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Peleg Yerushalmi Shuts Down Bnei Brak Highway, Petach Tikva Light Rail [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]

Members of the Peleg Yerushalmi took to the streets on Sunday, protesting over the recent discussions regarding drafting Yeshiva students into the IDF.

Dozens of protestors, mostly teenaged Bochrim, shut down Route 4 near the Coca Cola Factory in Bnei Brak. The highway was shut for more than two hours, and police clashed with the protestors.

Additionally, Peleg protestors managed to shut down the light rail in Petach Tikvah.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

23 Responses

  1. What a bunch of fools!!!
    Acting like idiots at a time when the national, and now world ( cf WSJ) sentiment is increasingly anti-chareidi!!
    This is bad for Torah Jews

  2. Where are these kids parents? Parents should be fined for the behavior of their teenage sons. Any logical thinking person understands this behavior accomplishes nothing positive.

  3. Very rarely do I agree with both sides in such conflicts but this is one such situation.
    The potential drafting on Yeshiva bochurim does justify such protests. OTOH if you do go to such a protest you need to realize that the police are correct for doing their jobs and beating up those who block traffic. I wish we would have seen the police acting this way by the judicial reform protests

  4. I would hope that the names of the protesters are published. I will instruct my family to absolutely avoid entertaining shidduchim from among this group of mazikim. These events influence me to withdraw my sympathy for their cause. I would be completely supportive of the medina refusing to give deferrments from the draft for any of these protesters.

  5. Send them off to Gaza to actually do something to help the country.

    Why aren’t they in Yeshiva…

    I hope their parents are proud.

  6. This protest disrupted the normal flow of automobile traffic.

    Will that make Secular Jews LOVE Orthodox Jews and Orthodox Judaism?

    Or will it make Secular Jews HATE Orthodox Jews and Orthodox Judaism,
    even more than they do now?

  7. To publicly block traffic and disturb peace in time of war, is not acceptable. I do find the comments here even MORE disturbing.

    The bochrim might not want to serve for their personal reasons but shouldn’t we direct these sentiments to the Gedolim from now and before? Reb Chaim, Slabodka, Ponovich (I don’t know all the names; I guess Rabbi Landau, and others), etc…

    Even in America, the Ultra Orthodox gedolim agree against military service; many for alternative reasons like religious fears.

    So, call the gedolim; let them expalin it to you; if you don’t understand, SUBMIT to torah. Don’t blame the bochrim, other that HOW they protest. AND, if it happens to be an admur or rosh yeshivah that told them to do this, they have FULL immunity; I don’t believe the have permission though.

    The problem with many commentors here and other platforms is that we get influenced by the “free world” that anyone can challenge anyone and make their own narratives and conclusions. If you want to understand, it’s torah that needs to be followed.

    Most gedolim of the UO Jews, DO NOT support any military conscription. Your point of the how “might” be justified (barring a call from the gedolim), but the WHAT, is totally not justified.

  8. If these boys would be sitting and learning, I would ‘maybe’ understand, but the fact that they are causing such a ruckus, shows these are a bunch of troublemakers, and I don’t see anything wrong with them going to the army. There are many froum boys and married men
    in the army.Let them see what the real world is all about. I also feel they should be arrested and kept in jail at least overnight. Let them and/or their parents have to pay for their consequences. Problem is that some of their Roshei Yeshiva send them out to the street to cause traffic jams. Maybe they should also be arrested for instigating this.

  9. Peleg does it again.
    Biggest Chilul Hashem in modern times.
    Vile disgusting traitorous behavior.
    They should all be sent to Ramallah.

    Such behavior brings their Yichus into question.

    They are not רחמנים, ביישנים or
    גומלי חסדים which leads to the obvious question of their true Yichus.

  10. They are doing more harm to their cause than good. The folks in the Likud that are sitting on the fence on the draft bill are convinced to vote “yes” based on this behavior. I’m sure these protests are protecting the rest of us from terrorists. Not.

  11. Army, picking fruit, or jail.

    Really simple choices for little boys who don’t understand things very well despite all of their “learning”.

  12. You amaratzim think that since the bocherim are not in yeshiva they should be sent to Gaza, Chas Vesholom. The whole reason why they aren’t in yeshiva is to protest against Torah yungerlight to stay in yeshiva and learn and daven for the complete victory of the Jewish people YOUR ALL A BUNCH OF KOFERS that only believe in the ways of the Zionistic secular shkotzim!!
    If anyone doesn’t agree with me you can contact my secretary of my yeshiva

  13. Why doesn’t this article state the reason for the protest? Whether you or disagree it would provide important context.

  14. You dont have to agree with them, but they have the backing of many gedolim. And are following in the ways of מרן שר התורה והיראה מופת הדור והדריו הרב הגאון האדיר בעל הדרכי שמואל זצוק”ל
    Dont open your mouth about the matzav in eretz yisroel if you have no clue what is going on.

  15. I knew YeshivaWorld would publish this sad and dark story! YWN scored a big hit today. They love this kind of story.

  16. this is only a pre-demonstration Israel will experience if the Begatz will force Yeshiva bucherim to serve in the army. This will explode from yerushelayim,bnei brak beth shemesh and all frum communities, they will never succeed to draft all yeshiva bucherim because the power of Torah is much stronger then any army.
    I do not agree to those young Bucherim behaving in such a way and i just pray that my son who is suppose to be learning in Bnei Brak wasnt there.
    Unfortunate this world had become such a hefker velt by the goyim and by some yidden.
    Its time all Gedoyle Hador should get up in beth hamedresh and condemn this violence .
    The Arabs are glorified when they see unstability in Israel and this feeds them energy to continue supporting all those terrorist organizations who want to get rid of us…

  17. Every single one of these evil wicked miscreants must immediately be taken by the police to army base & immediately be conscripted, and never be given any time off from army, to prevent any possibility of their absconding returning to army.
    They also must immediately have a chip inserted into their body, so that they can at all times be tracked. A vet should insert the chip, as do Palestinian vets to the beloved hostages who have already languished 5 entire months.
    Any one who incites these peleg parasites to revolt & block streets, must immediately be conscripted to the army, regardless of their age.

  18. so why is it when the liberal leftists block the Ayalon highway, the police do nothing, but when some yeshiva bochrim block the road the police kick them, hit them, drag them.
    BTW I am against blocking roads for any reason, but still equal treatment is called for..

  19. I am proud of these Yidden. Imagine if there was a law passed in NYS that you have to send your kids to public school. You’d protest just as much! The IDF is no less antagonistic to Judaism than NYCDOE.

    I hope Hamas gets destroyed, but this doesn’t give the IDF carte blanche to attack Jewish faith.

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