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IDF Officers Consulting With Lawyers As Oct. 7 Investigation Looms

IDF officers have begun consulting with lawyers regarding the upcoming investigations of the army’s failure to anticipate and defend against the murderous October 7th assault, Yediot Achranot reported earlier this week.

Military defense attorneys have begun advising army officers who will be interrogated in the coming days as part of the war investigation announced by IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi over two weeks ago.

The military advocate general’s office is providing defense attorneys for all officers and soldiers who will be questioned as part of the probe. According to the report, this is not a routine step and stems from concerns that officers will implicate themselves in the interrogations.

The interrogations, which are slated to conclude in May, are expected to serve as the basis for a future state commission of inquiry that will be established later this year. This means that any statements made by officers or soldiers under investigation could be used against them in the state inquiry. Additionally, if any criminal claims are brought against officers or soldiers, any statements could potentially serve as evidence.

The military advocate general’s office stated: “The military advocate general’s office advises and represents IDF personnel, including against investigative authorities. Naturally, due to professional confidentiality, the military defense attorney will not be able to comment on these matters.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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