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COWARD? Netanyahu Calls Off Massive Strike On Iran After Conversation With Joe Biden

President Joe Biden intervened on Motzei Shabbos to dissuade Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from authorizing an immediate retaliatory strike against Iran following the barrage of attack drones and missiles launched at Israel last night, the New York Times wrote.

Reports indicate that several members of Israel’s war cabinet had initially advocated for a swift response attack, but the relatively limited damage caused by Iran’s assault, combined with Netanyahu’s conversation with Biden, led to a decision to hold off on retaliation.

The White House has not yet commented on the report, but it is clear that diplomatic efforts are underway to prevent further escalation into what could easily become a regional war, if not worse.

In the meantime, Israel has maintained a high level of alert, with its forces remaining on standby.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. The headline is totally disrespectful and disgusting. How can you call the PM a coward? He’s been shouldering the entire war effort, hostage situation, Hezbollah threat, and now attack by Iran. Not many people would be able to do this in such a resilient way as he has. And now to publically call him a coward? I would call him a hero! Who says we need to retaliate?
    Shame on you YW!!!

  2. Of course. Is anyone surprised? Did you think that the US and UK helped to shoot down the Iranian drones for free? Of course not, it was for the price of Israeli acquiescence and compliance.

  3. Biden is a horrible, digusting and selfish personality whos’ Intention of preventing Israel from retliating on such a wide scale acttck is only to keep the region calm and doesn’t care about the negative meassage this will send to all of Israel’s enemies.

    Trump Is right- a Jew that votes for Biden hates Israel. Biden hates jews despite the “so called” assistance he assumes to be helping Israel with.

  4. I’m very right wing but I agree 100% that Israel should not strike back against Iran.
    What will they gain by an all out war with Iran that justifies the cost in lives of Israeli soldiers and civilians R’L that it would cost?

  5. Why would you call him a “coward”??????????????????
    Did you participate in any of the meetings that the Israeli war cabinet was organizing. The war cabinet convened many times since Oct. 7. Were you present at any of those meetings?????????????????
    Based on what information caused you to come to a definite conclusion that he is a coward??????????????????????
    I do know one thing, that if we stop this name calling, if we stop baseless hatred, inside fighting amongst each other, if we stop stabbing people behind their backs or using anonymous comments to destroy the next guy, if we stop all this evil behavior, then Mashiach will come-no more tragedies-no more war-all the hostages will be returned to us ASAP.

  6. I really don’t know why I bother. I’ll try again. Stop with the rude, loud, obnoxious editorial comments preceding every headline. If you want to be taken a s a serious news outlet, stop acting like a tabloid.

  7. Biden is an Iran supporter. Like his Obama predecessor, who stooped the revolution in 2009 that would have toppled the government. The democrats want the ayatollahs in charge, and they support them in many ways. It’s part of their foreign policy.

    Trump would help Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and utterly destroy the Iranian government and nuclear capabilities.

  8. Coward is a harsh word. Israel can’t afford to fight Iran and all of its allies and puppets alone. They need America to back them…

  9. Israel blew up an Iranian consulate, obviously Iran was going to respond. BH Iran does not want a war and they deliberately responded with an attack that looked powerful, but caused no significant damage. If we stop now, it’s over. But, if Israel presses forward it is initiating a war that may cost many Jewish lives without any support from Israel’s allies. I think that would be a foolish choice to make.

  10. An all-out war with Iran would be the stupidest thing now. Israel needs to finish the war in Gaza and annex it to Israel for security purposes. The terrorists in Gaza need to be shipped out to other terrorist-loving countries. That’s what israel needs to concentrate on now instead of bobming Iranian consulates and generals….

  11. “You have not learned from history”, blah, blah, blah

    Goody, a history lesson from someone incapable of constructing an intelligible sentence in the English language who loves to defend the arch anti-Semite FDR, ymsh”v.

    Stick to the cutesy vertlach.

  12. Coward??! I think he’s being a fantastic realistic and practical leader in tremendously difficult times on many fronts. The RBS’O watches over his children. On a practical level, על פי דרך הטבע, the way we are obligated to live our lives; Israel needs US help. If Biden tells Bibi they won’t get any help, it seems quite reckless an idea to go and counterattack at this point. Biden is spineless and a weakling. He is destroying American prowess and deterrence. No question; world tyrants (China, Russia, North Korea etc) are taking note. He is terrible for the US and terrible for the world peace. But Bibi cannot afford to ignore the phone call.

  13. This is a gross headline. Netanyahu is trying to stop a massive war which can cv”s kill many innocent lives. Iran was retaliating against the embassy attack and is probably done as they too don’t want a war. Change the headline!

  14. If you don’t believe in Hashem, America is the only baalHaboss.
    Entire world is expecting Israel to retaliate an there’s a big need. They could start with their easy picking Navy ships that are threatening entire region’s shipping lanes. The Nuke reactors & launch sites would benefit the region.
    …but what do I know from the bleachers, except the very first paragraph.

  15. I think we need to turn to our true mentors to guide us on the correct course of action:- The esteemed תלמידי מובהקים of Moreinu HoRav Meir Kahana זצקללה’ה:- namely איתמר ben-Gvir & בצלאל Smotrich, and whatever guidelines they give us now, is the only correct response & course of action to be pursuing right now, because these 2 are the true אוהבי ישראל in the current government

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