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Former Amb. Friedman: “Iran Attacked 3rd Holiest Site In Islam, Israel Saved It” [VIDEO]

Former Ambassador David Friedman noted that Israel saved the third holiest site in Islam from being destroyed by Iran during its unprecedented attack of over 300 attack drones and missiles at Israel – the first direct Iranian attack on the Jewish state in history.

Writing from the US on Motzei Shabbos, Friedman wrote: “Iran literally attacked the Al Aqsa Mosque. Had Israel not intercepted the missile, the third holiest site in Islam would have been destroyed.”

“The fact that Israel and its Allies obliterated Iran’s onslaught of drones, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles doesn’t give Iran a free pass on its attempted murder on a mass scale. Iran needs to get a clear message that it cannot do this again.”

A video of Iranian missiles being intercepted over Har HaBayis quickly went viral.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

6 Responses

  1. I understand why Israel has held off on a wholly justified retaliatory strike. Sometimes holding your cards is smarter than showing them. However why on earth did they shoot down the missile that was aimed at this mosque? No one could have blamed the Israelis for shooting the missile or for being “unable” to short it down.

  2. The graphic effect is impressive, but interceptions occur in midair and these missiles were likely headed to Jerusalem neighborhoods rach”l. Abd if G-d forbid it woukd have landed in the area, that is a stone’s throw from the Kosel! So much for saving Al Aksa. Now if a bomb would be planted in the building and it would be discovered just in time, then Israel would indeed be protecting the building. Actually quite amazing that it hasn’t happened yet.

  3. First of all, these missiles have targets. They are not random. I doubt that Iran was targeting the Masjid.

    Second, Iran knew they would be shot down, so it didn’t matter.

  4. They only sort of have targets. Iranian technology is not the best in the world. Some end up in Gaza and get fired at….you guessed it, the dome as well. Second, if you claim they all have targets, I want to see a list of these 300 “legitimate” targets. Even ignoring bad guidance systems, I list of what Iran (and the UN) considers legit targets.
    In the other article, it was mentioned how expensive some of these defensive missles cost, and that Iranian missiles are 90% cheaper. So how much did saving the mosque cost the West? I think Biden needs to funnel some of that money from Iran back to the system for this gesture.

  5. It would be so nice if one of these projectiles would have hit the big round building on הר הבית .

    Derech teva we could use help with the demolition of the current occupant. Persia helped build the second Bais HaMikdosh with the funds from Haman Harosha’s wealth, the third one would be even better.

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