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WARTIME TRAITOR: Yair Lapid Calls On Others To Join Him In Attempt To Topple Government

Opposition Leader Yair Lapid is urging National Unity ministers Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot to join forces with him to bring down the current government, promising them greater influence in a new coalition.

“The way to influence is helping us overthrow this government,” Lapid said. “And we will form a government and in this government, they will have much more influence. Benny Gantz may be the prime minister. There is no citizen who would not welcome Eisenkot as Israel’s defense minister.”

Lapid argued that Gantz and Eisenkot’s positions are being ignored by the current leadership, and that by helping to tank the government, “they can really affect the destiny of this country in a positive, substantial, and profound way.”

However, even if the National Unity party were to leave the government, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition would still have enough seats to remain in power.

Earlier this month, Gantz called on Netanyahu to “agree on a date for elections in September,” an appeal that was rejected by the prime minister.

Recent polls have shown that nearly three-quarters of the Israeli public want Netanyahu to resign amid the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip, with half the country also preferring early elections for the Knesset.

It remains to be seen whether Gantz and Eisenkot will heed Lapid’s call and join forces to bring down the government, and what the implications would be for the country’s political landscape.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. This man is an absolute mushchas and embarrassment to every Jew and Israeli. What can one expect from someone brought up and educated by “Tommy” Lapid though?!

  2. How reckless indeed. He should be arrested for treason. He could be potentially putting millions of lives in danger. Shame on him. In Israel they say Booshah.

  3. It’s not WARTIME TRAITOR it’s DEMOCRACY. He disagrees with how the prime minister is running the country and is trying to convince others to see things his way and vote out the incumbent.

  4. In a parliamentary system, a change in government leadership is achieved via a no confidence vote in the current leadership which would result in a new coalition forming a government. Current polls show a majority of Israelis want such a change including the traditional left parties and even some in the moderate Likud-centrist parties who believe Netanyanu was responsible for the lack of preparedness on Oct 7th and has mismanaged the Gaza response. Whoever writes these headlines for the YWN newspage needs to grow up and understand how the political system works.

  5. As much as I despise Lapid for his horrible views, calling for a change in coalition agreements within the legal political framework does not make him a traitor.

  6. I personally do not like Lapid’s policies @ all;
    Don’t like many of his attitudes either, and for sure not many of his policies towards the chareidim;
    But to call him a traitor because he wants to gain political power, no way;
    Would you also consider 3/4 of the israeli public traitors?
    they also want Bibi to step down, as you mention in your article

  7. This scumbag with his left, his buddies are responsible for this war, and the murder that took place he joins in allowing thousands more errands to come into the country, who, then turned around to murder Jews

  8. A traitor is one who betrays his country, not one who opposes the government within the rules of the game. You and I may not like Mr..Lapid, but he is far from a traitor.

    an Israeli Yid

  9. Netanyahu is not a king, and opposing him is called democracy, not treason.

    Was it treason when Dewey ran against Roosevelt in the middle of the War, or when McLellan ran against Lincoln in the middle of the Civil War?!

  10. Lapid is a traitor to Hashem and I despise what he represents, but, as many pointed out, his machinations are within the rules of Israel’s polical game.

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