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MONSTER: Florida Imam/Terrorist Calls For Annihilation Of All Jews, Spews Insane Conspiracies [VIDEO]

A Florida Islamic cleric, Imam Dr. Fadi Kablawi, has sparked outrage with a sermon at the North Miami Islamic Center in late April, calling for the total annihilation of Jews and accusing Israel’s army of being “worse than the Nazis.” Kablawi referred to Jews as “tyrannical” and “brothers of apes and pigs,” a phrase historically used by radical Islamists to describe Jews.

In the sermon, which garnered nearly 80,000 views on Facebook, Kablawi called for Allah to support “our oppressed brothers” in Palestine and to annihilate the Jews, saying, “Oh Allah, annihilate the tyrannical Jews… for they are no match for You.”

“They steal the skin of the Palestinians. It is not enough that they stole their land; now they steal their skin,” he said, claiming that organs are “missing from children [and] from adults.”

“Go ask the Haitians, when they had the earthquake, what happened there with these Israeli organizations going under [the guise of] medical help,” he said. “Go ask them, those who know, [how a] guy will come limping into their tents for treatment [and then] he will be carried out dead, organs missing.”

Kablawi’s rhetoric has been condemned by many, including Florida State Representative Randy Fine, who called for the Florida Board of Dentistry to suspend Kablawi’s dental license for “openly advocating for violence against his Jewish patients.” Fine noted that Kablawi’s dental practice poses a serious and imminent danger to Jews in the state.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Appion, the Greek writer from 2000 years ago, had the same anti Jewish blood libel.
    Some things don’t really change that much.

    The hatred against jews is against the Covenant of the Law, that the Creator (God of Israel; not just any god) chose Israel (and no other nation – others can join Israel through the Covenant) to follow His Law.

    De-legitamizing Jews and the Jewish religion is classic anti jew hatred that stems from this hatred of the Covenant.

    That’s the only reason why Christianity and Islam exist: to attack the Covenant of Israel (globalization).

    This hatred is the same; from Greeks, Romans, Christians (of all types – only difference is how they attack) and Muslims.

    The world is fighting against the Covenant.
    De-legitamizing jews and Judaism, in whatever way fits into that particular culture.

  2. His Hallah is waiting for him. Can somebody please facilitate the meeting and mark it STAT!
    Rid the world of this animal fecal matter.

    Why can’t he be extradited to his home land? Why does America allow for incitement and vile hatred to continue. Why can’t he be extradited to his home land?

  3. He was arrested a few years ago for Medicaid fraud, double billing.

    He was born in Jordan, came to the USA at age seventeen.

    How about sending him back to where he came from? Seems there are grounds to deport him at least, if not more than that.

  4. Well, he did get one thing right, the part about being the brothers (or more accurately the cousins) of apes and pigs…

  5. “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free ” …. Ah ,what a great country …this is the wicked garbage they let in !!!!

  6. He was found guilty of charging patients for procedures that Medicaid paid for – it seems he got off pretty easy. Should have lost his license then – prison – fines. Hope this will reopen his previous case and he will pay the price for cheating and hating.

  7. “He was arrested a few years ago for Medicaid fraud, double billing.”
    “He was found guilty of charging patients for procedures that Medicaid paid for”
    Based on these 2 Simanim I bet if you investigate his Yichus you would find he is actually a Yid.”

  8. Interesting how these jihadists ignore the part of the Quran that states Allah gave the land of Israel to the Jews and even promises he will return the Jews to it.

  9. Yaapchik, he can’t be extradited unless some country charges him with a crime and requests the USA to send him there! Which country wants to extradite him?

    Lemayseh, he’s been here since the age of 17, so he’s probably a US citizen. If that is so, he can’t be deported no matter what he does.

    roshvrishon, he has not committed any crime. You obviously are unaware of the definition of “incitement”, because nothing he said constitutes that crime. Everything he said is protected by the freedom of speech, so the government may not punish him for it in any way whatsoever.

    Kuvult, that was totally uncalled-for. There are enough antisemites in the world, why do you want to join their number?

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