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SHOULD’VE SELF-IMMOLATED: Columbia Student Rips Up Diploma On Graduation Stage In Protest Of Israel

A Columbia University student tore up her diploma on stage during the School of Social Work commencement ceremony. The student, wearing zip-tie handcuffs and a keffiyeh, ripped her diploma into pieces before throwing it over her head and removing her graduation cap to reveal a message taped inside, which apparently nobody could make out.

Many other students in the program also wore Arabic garments and zip-ties to resemble Palestinian war prisoners, with some displaying messages such as “Free Palestine” and the name of Hamas terrorist Mazen Jamal Al-Natsheh. It wasn’t clear why that the student is so fond of that particular baby killer.

The ceremony was one of several smaller events held by the university after the main commencement ceremony was canceled due to security concerns stemming from violent anti-Israel riots. The university has been rocked by a wave of antisemitic protests, resulting in over 100 arrests.

Despite the tensions, a university spokesperson praised the graduates, saying, “Thousands of Columbia graduates and their families have already celebrated at Class Day ceremonies that started on Friday and concluded successfully with virtually no disruption… We join in the excitement of the remaining graduates who will celebrate their incredible achievements at their own Class Days and graduation events the rest of this week and as they start their next chapter.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Ehh….not sure I’d say “SHOULD’VE SELF-IMMOLATED” is the most appropriate nor respectable of headlines

  2. Maybe she just felt the diploma was not worth anything since no one will hire a graduate of a loony bin university?

  3. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving animal … but the morons at Columbia will just issue her a new one

  4. The funny thing is that she most likely thought she was going to make an impact with her protest. The reality is that people basically totally ignored her and the ceremony went one as if nothing happen. If not for new media outlet reporting this, it would’ve gone without notice what-so-ever.

  5. Wow! Here we were all saying that these antisemitic idiots deserve to have their diplomas trashed, and now this bloke went ahead and did it for us!
    Hodo’as ba’al din!

  6. it almost made a impact the same way that Nancy Pelosi had when she tore up the state of the union of president Trump

  7. gershy_246, the headline is exactly what this story calls for. It’s not respectful? Respectful to whom? Who here deserves respect?

    somejewiknow, yes, I do want her to kill herself. All our enemies should be encouraged to do so. כן יאבדו כל אויביך ה׳. It is not a Jewish midah to mourn our enemies, or to “turn the other cheek”; that comes from another religion.

  8. Anyone whose child graduated college knows. It’s an empty piece of paper the actual degree is awarded later after all grads are In
    But great theater

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