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“ELI KOPTER:” Israel Says Raisi’s Death “Wasn’t Us” As News Reporter Falls For Mossad Assassination Joke

Israeli politicians have responded with indifference to the news of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s death in a helicopter crash on Monday. An unnamed Israeli official was quick to deny any involvement in the incident, telling Reuters, “It wasn’t us.”

MK Avigdor Liberman, chair of the opposition Yisrael Beytenu party, downplayed the significance of Raisi’s death, saying, “For us, it does not matter, it won’t affect Israel’s attitude [to Iran]. Iran’s policies are set by the supreme leader [Ayatollah Ali Khamenei].” However, he added, “There was no doubt that the president was a brutal man. We won’t shed a tear.”

Right-wing MK Avi Maoz of the Noam party boasted, “Only less than a month ago, he threatened that ‘if Israel attacks, nothing will be left of it,’ and now he is a grain of dust in history.”

Raisi, a hardliner and potential successor to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, was killed in a helicopter crash in a mountainous region near the Azerbaijan border. The charred wreckage was found after a 15-hour search in foggy weather conditions.

Raisi had repeatedly praised Hamas and threatened Israel’s annihilation, but denied Tehran had a direct role in the October 7 attack. His death has been met with mixed reactions, with some Israeli officials and religious leaders welcoming the news.

Rabbi David Chai Hacohen, head of a religious Zionist yeshiva, told his students to omit Tachanun on Monday, calling Raisi’s death “good news for the people of Israel.” The yeshiva even organized celebratory tefillos and dancing.

Meanwhile, a satirical post online jokingly attributed the crash to a Mossad agent named “Eli Kopter” piloting the helicopter. The post was widely shared, with some even falling for the joke, including a reporter from i24news who later apologized for the mistake.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Close to a century ago, the gedolim stated clearly that the Zionist idol and its “State” will be history, too. Wait for it. It will happen perhaps sooner than you think.

  2. We can wait, but it would be more pleasant to wait without your comments in our ears.

    Happens to be that the zionist idol is basically history already. There very few idiological zionists left, and what remains in the current state (currently run by a keneset that is 50% frum) is the center of Torah learning – כי מציון תצא תורה – and a land with millions of frum yidden being osek in Torah umitzvos – including mitzvos hateluyos ba-eretz.

    While you are waiting, maybe you can come visit us here and have the zechusim we benefit from here on a daily basis!

  3. those who believe that the ruler of the universe has time to do their bidding, are in for a very rude surprise.

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