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EXPLOSIVE UPDATE: “Star Witness” Michael Cohen Admits To Stealing From Trump Organization

Former lawyer Michael Cohen admitted to stealing thousands of dollars from the Trump organization during former President Trump’s New York City trial on Monday.

Cohen made the admission while facing cross examination from Todd Blanche, one of Trump’s attorneys.

Cohen testified that he went to the bank and withdrew cash over a couple of days, totaling $20,000, and kept it in a small brown paper bag and then gave it to Red Finch, but that he never gave the full $50,000 when the company failed to press him for the rest.

He testified that the Trump Organization thought he paid the full amount, for which he was still reimbursed despite not having actually paid it.

Cohen is the star witness for prosecutors and was the final witness they called to the stand.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

10 Responses

  1. DemocRATS are more likely to believe liars than truth.
    Remember Hillary’s appelation bestowed upon her by President Donald Trump שליט”א which won him 2016 election:- “Lie Lie Lie”

  2. The upstanding righteous Michael Cohen!

    He’s such a meat-head! Did he actually think they wouldn’t unravel him? What a meat-head!

  3. Cohen has admitted that when an outside company billed Trump $50,000 for technology work, he actually only gave the firm $20,000.

    “Why did you take that $30,000?” Hoffinger asked.
    Cohen said he was angry because his year-end bonus had been cut from $150,000 to $50,000.
    In Trump World Lingo I would call that “smart”.

  4. Isn’t this the fellow that started putting on Talis and Tefillin in prison? Not the member of the tribe that generates the most pride.

  5. It’s worse than that. Cohen was actually paid $100,000, to cover his taxes on the $50,000. So he made a $80,000 profit.

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