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Israel’s Rafah Plan: A Limited Operation With US Support, Aiming For Hamas Overthrow, Stabler Gaza

A consensus has been reached among Israeli leaders regarding a military operation in Rafah, which is not expected to face opposition from the US, according to a report by David Ignatius in the Washington Post. The operation will involve a more limited approach, aimed at minimizing civilian casualties, which has garnered support from US officials.

Instead of a large-scale attack with two divisions, Israel will conduct a targeted operation, which is expected to result in fewer civilian casualties. This approach has led the US to refrain from opposing the operation, as they believe it will reduce the risk of harm to innocent civilians.

According to US officials, approximately 800,000 out of 1.5 million Gazans in Rafah have already evacuated the area, indicating a significant reduction in the civilian population. Meanwhile, Hamas has adopted guerrilla warfare tactics, as it has throughout the war, melting into the local population instead of engaging in open warfare with the IDF.

In the long term, Israel plans to continue conducting antiterror raids in Gaza, potentially leading to a status quo similar to that in Yehuda and Shomron. Additionally, Israel’s plans for “the day after” include establishing a Gazan security force drawn from the Palestinian Authority’s system, which will be overseen by a governing council of Palestinian officials and backed by moderate Arab states.

However, there is ongoing debate within Israel regarding whether this entity should have ties to Ramallah.

Meanwhile, Hamas has expressed openness to including the proposed Gazan security force in a transitional agreement as part of a ceasefire and prisoner swap deal. US officials believe negotiations on such a deal could resume as early as this week.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

5 Responses

  1. Here we go again
    Endangering our soldiers to please the EVIL liberals in the USA, with virtually no results

    The same as with giving them humanitarian aid with nothing in return

    This is why NO ONE should server in the Israeli military until all evil lefties are out of leadership positions, especially lefty generals

  2. As y2r said; this will simply endanger our young boys bravely fighting these animals. For what? So Sullivan and Blinken should be happy – for today?! This administration cannot be trusted and Israel needs to do what’s best for itself. The world will condemn us no matter what we do. No matter how much aid goes in, it’s never enough and it’s always Israels fault. No matter how much proof is provided that Israel is protecting civilians better than any other nation at war in the history of mankind, it will never be enough. So just stop trying to appease these idiots!

  3. Another reason Chareidim shouldn’t serve in the IDF. The IDF soldiers are simply pawns in the hands of the Israeli government, their lives are worth much less than the so-called “Palestinian civilians” who are terrorist supporters and terrorists themselves.

  4. Anti-Zionists are delusional. I’m not pro-Israel government but those who think that those non-Jews who are against Israel are not against Jews are completely and utterly delusional. There are greater conflicts globally with hundreds of thousands of civilians casualties and no one cares. The reason Israel’s actions garners so much hate is ONLY because they hate that Jews.

  5. Defeating Hamas (i.e. conquering Gaza) should not be a problem, whereas establish a stable and peaceful Gaza (and that applies to the West Bank, most of which is under the control of the Palestinian Authority quasi-state) is the real challenge. Winning a battle is meaningless unless you win the war, and winning the war means making peace with enemy.

    The model should be the United States in World War II in which they crushed their enemies, and managed to rebuild them economically and socially such that Germany and Japan are loyal allies, albeit a bit to pacifist for American tastes. Note that Germany is the world’s most anti-Nazi country, where displayed a swastika or giving a Nazi salute can land you in jail, and Japan refuses to call its military anything other than the “self-defense force”.

    The Israelis have no plan other than to “teach Gaza a lesson” and retrieve the bodies of the hostages.

    That many of the world’s goyim are anti-Semites is not a hiddush. It comes as a shock to the assimilated Jews who thought they had successfully assimilated, but the frum community as always known it.

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