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FOURTH REICH? Trump Posts Video Touting “Unified Reich” If He Wins 2024 Election

A video posted to Donald Trump’s account on his social media network Monday included references to a “unified Reich” among hypothetical news headlines if he wins the election in November.

The headline appears among messages flashing across the screen such as “Trump wins!!” and “Economy booms!” Other headlines appear to be references to World War I.

The word “Reich” is often largely associated with Nazi Germany’s Third Reich, though the references in the video Trump shared appear to be a reference to the formation of the modern pan-German nation, unifying smaller states into a single Reich, or empire, in 1871.

The 30-second video appeared on Trump’s account at a time when the presumptive Republican nominee for president, while seeking to portray President Joe Biden as soft on antisemitism, has himself repeatedly faced criticism for using language and rhetoric associated with Nazi Germany.

It was posted and shared on the former president’s Truth Social account while he was on a lunch break from his Manhattan hush money trial.

At least one of the headlines flashing in the video appears to be text that is copied verbatim from a Wikipedia entry on World War I: “German industrial strength and production had significantly increased after 1871, driven by the creation of a unified Reich.”

In one image, the headlines “Border Is Closed” and “15 Million Illegal Aliens Deported” appear above smaller text with the start and end dates of World War I.

“This was not a campaign video, it was created by a random account online and reposted by a staffer who clearly did not see the word, while the President was in court,” Karoline Leavitt, the campaign press secretary, said in a statement.

Earlier this month, Trump said at a fundraiser that Biden is running a “Gestapo administration,” referring to the secret Nazi police force.

Trump previously used rhetoric echoing Adolf Hitler when he said immigrants entering the U.S. illegally are “poisoning the blood of our country,” and called his opponents “vermin.”

The former president has also drawn wide backlash for having dined with a Holocaust-denying white nationalist in 2022 and for downplaying the 2017 rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, where white nationalists chanted “Jews will not replace us!”


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  1. Touting ”Unified Reich”??? The headline makes it sound as if Trump came out and said that he is continuing Hitler’ work.
    Meanwhile it is a video reposted by Trump, not a campaign video but produced by a random online user, that has old newspaper clippings from WW1 in the background, in which the words ”driven by a unified Reich” are used to explain how Germany’s industry grew in the 1870’s. All of this is explained in the article.
    I watched the video twice while actively looking for the words and did not see them. This is the definition of Fake news.

  2. who cares,
    lost sicko……………………………………………..
    get yourself some normal brain under 65 smoick

  3. What do you expect from a man who kept Hitler’s books on his nightstand according to his Ivana and praised Hitler repeatedly according to John Kelly. This is the man who wined and dined Kanye and America’s most notorious antisemite Nick Fuentes at his private residence of Mar A Lago and called people marching together with Neo Nazis very fine people. Trump has also supported antisemitic GOP candidates in North Carolina and Wisconsin. If you are a Jew who desires a unified Reich vote Trump 2024.

  4. @jackk, @Yellow_Esrog,
    you serious? are you in middle of bedikas chametz or what?
    If you have to analyse blurry unclear irrelevant background to a video REposted by Trump to invalidate him, than to me, that is a very safe place to be in.
    With Biden, no bedikas chametz is required, so much to find, but don’t worry, he’ll do it himself and let you know.
    He’s much worse for the Jews.

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