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EXPLOSIVE: Biden Advisor Caught on Camera: We’ll Make Israel Face Consequences in Second Term

An explosive undercover sting video of a White House National Security Council advisor validates the deepest fears of Jews and other pro-Israel Americans: Joe Biden will throw the Jewish State under the bus in a second term – if he wins reelection.

The video purports to show Sterlin Waters, a policy advisor to the NSC saying that Biden cannot be as forcefully anti-Israel as he wants to be because of political considerations, specifically that he wants to win reelection.

“We can help you [Israel] in the way that we can, but you’re not going to continue to lie, and bomb, and kill all these kids without facing serious consequences. But that’s a second term decision,” Waters is seen and heard saying.

“If Biden won again he could be much more forthright about saying ‘no’ [to Israel],” he added.

Making things even more shocking, Waters works under the deputy national security adviser, who just so happens to an Orthodox Jewish woman – Chani “Anne” Neuberger. A Bais Yaakov graduate, Neuberger quickly rose through the government’s ranks to become the deputy national security advisor, with a specific focus on global and domestic cybersecurity issues.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Once again, YWN misleads and distorts for the sake of sensationalist clickbait. Sterlin Waters is not one who carries any weight regarding Biden’s administration policies vis a vis Israel, and her rantings do not “validate” concerns that some may have about the administration’s policies. There is nothing “shocking” about the fact that she works under Anne Neuberger, who also does not set administration policy for the Middle East. Apparently, the need to sow fear and hatred of Biden is of greater value to YWN than presenting news in an accurate and truthful way.

  2. I don’t really fault anything Joe says he just cares about power
    If staying in power would require briben to state the Jews rule the world he’d due that

    All this guy cares about is getting re-elected so he can get a good meal from the wh cook

  3. No surprises here! Bez’h he will lose in such a huge way, he’ll go down in history as the laughing stock he tries so desperately to make himself to be.

  4. He’s not the only Rosho in the Biden Administration. This White House is full of anti Jews and anti Israel “advisors”.

  5. Mrs. Neuberger: You probably realize that USA has much to gain in cyber defense from Israel. Please help America’s interests by helping secure Israel.

  6. This guy sounds dumber than a brick, but we have to be very careful. Mr. Waters is an African American democrat so one is never allowed to criticize him. Merrick Garland and Chris Wray are monitoring all comments.

  7. @crazykanoiy, clearly you didn’t listen or watch it. You read the headline. If you had watched it you would know that it’s a male, not a female that was caught on video. Likewise, you would know that he works directly under the people who shape policy for Biden. What you wrote was ignorant and you are clearly a polarized liberal that can’t handle the truth.

  8. @KoshMeatBoycottof1902,
    I wonder if the usage of the wording her wasn’t accidental…. You know what I mean…
    If @crazykanoiy could clarify, that would help.

  9. Reminds me of when Obama was running for re-election, but he said it, not the staff.
    When I look this person up, I can’t help but notice they never held a real job. It’s all been public “service”.

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