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LOL: International Court of Justice Orders Israel To Cease IDF Rafah Operation

Judges at the top United Nations court have ordered Israel to halt its military operation on the southern Gaza city of Rafah.

Reading out a ruling by the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the body’s president Nawaf Salam stated that provisional measures ordered by the court in March did not fully address the current situation in the besieged Palestinian enclave, necessitating a new emergency order.

“Israel must immediately halt its military offensive in Rafah,” Salam declared.

Salam also noted that the situation in Gaza had deteriorated since the court last ordered Israel to take urgent steps to alleviate the humanitarian crisis there.

The ICJ’s latest ruling supports a South African request to order Israel to halt its offensive in Rafah, following Pretoria’s call for such a measure in a case accusing Israel of genocide.

The court, which is the highest UN body for hearing disputes between states, has its rulings considered final and binding, though they have been ignored in the past as the court lacks enforcement powers.

A decision against Israel could increase diplomatic pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.

Additionally, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) – a separate court also based in The Hague – announced on Monday that he had filed an application for arrest warrants against Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, as well as leaders of Hamas.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Let president Nawaf Salam ימח שמו וזכרונו order hamas to release every single hostage, and then order Russia to pull out of Ukraine, and stop pestering Israel who is engaging in self defense, something totally lawful.

  2. Gilad Arden: “We don’t have 50 plus countries like the Muslim block that can make deals: we will vote for your representative if you vote for ours.”

    Referring to judges how they are voted internationally. Specifically on the Arab racist Muslim bigot Nawaf Salam who represented Lebanon and propagated against Israel before, and by now has a rope…
    N12, 05.24.24

  3. this should be a wake up call for all jews to move to israel.

    stop feeding the US and world economies with tax dollars and ingenuity

    the world could all lech lihizdayen

  4. Sure, when did you want us to pull out? Are the Hamas cowards hiding down in the tunnels hungry by chance? Do they prefer Chinese or American? I think they most certainly need a new shipment of concrete, so many tunnels have been utterly destroyed by those dastardly Israelis paranoid about tunnels near their borders. Gotta chill a bit!

  5. Correction: BBC: “World ignoring risk of Sudan genocide – UN expert” so probably the ICC ordered Sudan to cease operation in El Fasher
    “She said many civilians were targeted based on their ethnicity in Sudan’s besieged city of El Fasher”

  6. Then Jacob (Israel) was left alone, and a Man wrestled with him until the breaking of day.

    Israel will be left alone with no support from his “allies.”

    The PM was quoted:
    “If necessary, we will fight alone.”

    The time is approaching when Israel will again wrestle with G-d, and regain the strength to
    confront Esau.

  7. Well, Israel granted this kangaroo court legitimacy by sending lawyers to represent them and when this “court” rules against them they give out angry statements against them and THAT grants this “court” legitimacy… this is the same situation where Israel granted the Fakestinians legitimacy by giving them land and after this defensive war Israel doesn’t want to “occupy” Gaza and then they scream that there’s no Palestine when countries “recognize” Palestine…Israel is the one that’s giving their enemies the power to fight against them.

  8. WHAT?! IS this a joke?

    “Judge” Nawaf Salam, from Lebanon.

    How impartial would this guy be?

    Talk about bias… There is a lot of “love” from the muslim/middle-east world for Israel/Jews, a judge from that region surely will only find guilty on Israel and protect Hamas. Shame!

    And the most revolting thing is that the world pretends that’s very impartial and totally OK- As Germany. Antisemitism is a disgrace and is just showing who’s who.

    Eventually as said by the Nevuos no enemy will succeed against the Jews. They should’ve learned from Iran’s president what fate waits for all Israel enemy.

  9. This is a serious problem for Biden. The Republicans, both the old style (Reaganites, Neo-cons, etc.) and the MAGA ones will be calling for the United States to cut funding of, and perhaps withdraw, from the United Nations, and to withdraw recognition of the ICJ (better know as the “World Court”). Biden will have to take a stand and he doesn’t like doing that. This could an issue that pave the way for Trump to reunify the Republican party, while at the same it hopelessly splits the Democrats.

    It is also a serious problem for ICJ which was founded in the late 19th century in the hope it would prevent wars, and was reorganized and renamed after each of the world wars.

  10. Dear ICC here are some historical facts that you chose
    to ignore
    Yugoslavia war 655000 Serbs killed
    Darfur war 300000 killed
    Ukraine war 131000 killed
    5.5 million in Congo killed
    500000 in Syria killed
    500000 in Sudan killed
    400000 in Yemen killed
    300000 in Iraqi killed
    250000 in Afghanistan killed
    20000 killed in Gaza and the
    World screams Genocide
    No Jews no news
    You care about Gaza only
    because of your antisemitism.

  11. amicable33:
    Zionist idolatry knows no bounds. The latest Zionist war is ongoing, which has most of the country homeless due to threats of rockets, etc. Hashem yishmor. Yet the Zionists don’t stop promoting “aliyah” even then.

  12. LOL?
    Whats the difference here?
    Jewish kids are dying for no reason other than revenge with no end in sight.
    Nothing has been accomplished besides the rising scores of antisemitism.
    Jews are being targeted BECAUSE of the Zionist regime.
    Zionists are wreaking chaos globally with these sickening wars. At what point will they stop?? Hammas will never be defeated. They have no regard to life. This is an endless battle and Bibi knows it. But as long as he has willing idiots, fighting he will not back off.
    Bibi shld be held responsible for the deaths of every soul.
    LOL?!!! YWN, this is reprehensible !!

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