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WATCH: Hundreds Defy Meron Law, Arrive At Kever Rashbi, Violently Attack Police

Israel Police reported on Motzei Shabbos that despite Meron being declared a closed military zone and strict limitations imposed on this year’s Lag Ba’omer celebrations, hundreds of individuals have arrived at the site. In the past few hours, these gatherings led to violent riots, with participants hurling objects at police officers and forcefully resisting orders to disperse. Additional police forces were dispatched to the scene to remove unauthorized protesters from the mountain.

In a statement, Israel Police expressed grave concern over the behavior of those violating the law by attacking officers and jeopardizing public safety. The police reiterated their commitment to taking decisive action against any form of violence directed at officers on duty.

The measures and special preparations undertaken by Israel Police aim to safeguard public welfare and security. Since the onset of the conflict, Mount Meron has been targeted by dozens of rockets, posing a significant threat to the thousands of visitors who traditionally gather there. It is emphasized that remaining at the Meron site despite the closure constitutes a criminal offense, and fines may be imposed on violators.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Good! I hope noone here will browbeat us with “danger”. We already heard it during Corona, when “danger” means that 10 people are not allowed to daven in a minyan on the street, but hundreds are allowed to protest together against the government.

    The government doesn’t care about our lives, they just want another excuse to damage Jewish minhagim. Let’s not let them.

  2. Meron is on side if mountain facing away from Lebanon, hence it is impossible for hezbollah to directly target Meron, hence this entire closure of Meron, is nothing more than vicious hatred of the religious, especially by the wicked police who are the sole cause of this unspeakable tragedy 3 years ago.
    Kudos to these people adhering to their beliefs by going to Meron on ל”ג ב”עומר and shame on these wicked evil police.
    The Israeli government should remain solely focused on release the hostages & absolutely nothing else whatsoever

  3. I was there, this is really bad reporting.
    Throughout Shabbos there was no police enforcement (besides for on the main road outside Miron)
    Hundreds and thousands of people filled Tzion Rashbi throughout Shabbos. From all neighboring Yishuvim (Ohr Haganuz, Bar Yochai, Safsufa etc.)
    I was there Friday night and Shabbos afternoon, it was packed out.
    Suddenly Motzei Shabbos a load of police arrive and started to get violent with Mispalelim.

    The police don’t care about safety or anything, they are scared of their bosses and that’s it. As long as it was Shabbos and there wasn’t any pictures or videos etc. they didn’t care how many people were there. As soon as Shabbos was out and people posted things online, they arrived to ‘enforce the law’

  4. All those guys posting videos online
    מוצאי שבת
    they are the ones that caused the Police to arrive.
    The Police knew very well what was going on during Shabbos and they did not want to interfere with our davening at the Kever Rashbi.
    מוצאי שבת
    The Police did not have a choice or an option, they were following orders.
    Those videos online killed it all. The Police had to arrive after those videos.

  5. mentsch1:

    It’s not that you’re litvish – you’re NORMAL. Rashbi is dealing with a bunch of cookoos here. I hope everyone gets the message before ywn deletes messages.

    Anyone has a different thought?

  6. Any member of the Israeli police force or army who dare raise a hand on a religious Jew is called a Rosha and will eventually be eliminated by the Hamas or Hezbollah. No question about it.

  7. “Maybe I’m just too litvish….But I fail to understand how trashing the kever is a sign of respect towards Rashbi”

    Mentsch: These people ARE trash, who may dress in chassidish lvush. Hopefully, those who attacked the police will spend some quality time rotting in a jailcell in addition to paying fines.

  8. TorahJewfromNY:
    Maybe they didn’t enforce the rules on Shabbos because there weren’t going to be tens of thousands of people there. But on Lag Baomer the would be, and it would become a target.

  9. כל שוטר או איש צבא ישראלי שמעז להרים יד נגד יהודי דתי מעמיד את חייו בסכנה ונועד לחסל על ידי חמאס או חיזבאללה ללא ספק.

  10. @mentsch1 im very litvish and dont think theres any real reason to visit kever ever other than to make sure its well kept

  11. Some people want to call the Police in Israel “Wicked Police”, no matter what they do, if they take away a lollipop from my child or they don’t let me protest over here, or if they do not give permission to enter a certain area and etc.. Whatever they do, whatever they say, they are just plain wicked.
    This way of thinking and acting is going on now since 1948. If this is the true and honest
    רצון השם
    to behave like that and to always call the Police terrible names, then how come Mashiach is still not here? How come we are in the middle of a real war?
    If Hashem really appreciates what comes out through your mouth, then how come he is upsetting you through a war – no Mashiach- non-stop
    If you were a hostage in Gaza-if you were a drop hurt on the battlefield-you would not dare talk the way you are talking now.
    Probably this past Shabbos-I am willing to bet-You said zero Tehillim for the situation in Eretz Yisroel-Zero Tehillim for the hostages-Zero Tehillim for the injured.
    The only thing you did was to eat 4 pieces of potato kugel-maybe 2 pieces Yerushalmi kugel with 2 pickels-herring-vodka-bourbon-whiskey-wine-cake-ice cream-1 gallon of sweet soda and 10 more million pieces of junk and probably you live in your original house-you are not from those that had to move to a safer location-you are having a real good time.
    Instead of posting nasty comments, open up a Sefer Tehillim and daven a little bit.
    Instead of eating 10 tons of nosh, maybe eat 9 tons of nosh.
    This comment is being said to the guy who posted a wicked comment- I am not referring to the rest of Klal Yisroel whom are all wonderful beautiful people.

  12. I guarantee you that none of these people asked Gedolim if they agreed with their plans to defy orders and spend time by Rashbi’s kever!

  13. 147 you are absolutely wrong! Hebollah have thousands of misslies that can hit anywhere in Israel with pinpoint accuracy- within 5 meters of a target…..Hashem yerachem!

  14. I don’t get this. This is such a chilull Hashem, just the optics alone. It’s a closed site , yet ppl still insist on going and fighting with the police and trashing the place . Why?

  15. These people are not learners & can’t act right because they all suffer from severe ADHD. They can’t sit still for hours. They need to be taught how to focus. Perhaps they can go to a special camp where they can learn to concentrate.
    This will hopefully be the final solution for these people. A Concentration Camp.

  16. I don’t know why people go and I can guarantee you that that don’t know either. It looks like avoda zara dancing around a fire, drinking and singing.

  17. The site was officially closed since Tuesday and several people had to be removed by force well before Shabbos, how comes, the place was full on Shabbos?
    The police had every right and duty to close the area due to the ongoing rocket attacks from Lebanon, if not onto the site directly certainly onto the access roads – I am sure not 1 Godel, chassidish or Litwish supported those violent protests.

  18. anon1m0us:

    Now you’re taking another extreme; beautiful – can’t seem to get much cool and collected brains here.

    The Lag Baomer pilgrimage and dancing has been fine on for centuries by all gedolei yisroel. Shame on you

  19. @Mister Ploni,
    because their name is not mister ploni, who lives their lives according to zionist invented alternative facts.

    It is not very polite to put stupidity and naivety down to a part of Klal Yisrael.
    the ignorance in believing that it was normal chareidim who trashed the place has nothing to do with being litvish.
    And if you ask but the video shows them doing so? Well the video shows a couple of people defending themselves (you didn’t see the video of the zionist nazi’s attacking the Jews), for your information, most (99.99%) of the trashing and desecrating is done by the zionists as nekama, and to wind up the religious by throwing sefarim and other holy artifacts to the floor.

    @Gadolhadorah, Haposel bemumo posel, amen.

    @unsensibleyid, That has nothing to do with litvish people. It has to do with ignoramus’s who have been affected by other religions, or lack of, where they think that once in a kever thats were it ends ch”v.
    Many litvish go to kivrei tzadikim all over.

  20. @avraham

    Yes, they are NAZIONISTS.
    If you don’t like it, then to bad.

    Instead of subjecting yourself to the new religion of lashon-hara’ism (nothing to do with the avera of lashon hara, only to do with not bad mouthing evil resha’im), open the sefarim and see why moshiach hasn’t come.

    It is because there is NOT ENOUGH protests etc against the zionists ym”sh.
    Because the evil medina is still standing.
    As the Satmar Rav ztzk”l said, before moshiach comes, everything the zionists built has to get destroyed, and tel aviv will burn to the ground, iy”h without any bloodshed!

  21. @VoiceofReason2005,

    No, they definitely did not call the idol bibi ym”sh and ask him his psak, but just to let you know, that countless Rabbanim and Gedolim issued psakim to ignore the zionist gezera, amongst them the Toldos Avraham Yitzchak Rebbe, the Amshinover Rebbe, Rav Tzvi Meir Zilberberg and others (when I see the official letters the wrote than I will write the other names here)

  22. @Kuvult,

    Thanks for bringing out the zionist desire for a final soution, maybe sign up to be a kapo..?

    @DavidtheKanoi, maybe there isn’t one because they are not considered by you as gedolim because they support the protests….

  23. Yeh, YWN, what else did the “brutal” hundreds of “evil” chareidim do?
    Shoot missiles? Shoot guns? dig tunnels? take any hostages…?
    Your headlines are more purim-like than Lag ba’omer…..

  24. emesayid says:
    May 26, 2024 1:09 am at 1:09 am
    Any member of the Israeli police force or army who dare raise a hand on a religious Jew is called a Rosha and will eventually be eliminated by the Hamas or Hezbollah. No question about it.

    During sefirah, noch. Emesayid??? Please CHECK your yichus!
    To say such a thing r”l about another Jew….. you are not an emesa yid. Chas veshalom that any Jew should be harmed byu Hamas or Hezbollah.

  25. Those who have gone to Meron this year in spite of the warnings and danger are not only fools but are provoking the hatred. What a shame. Don’t minimize their behavior and don’t blame the police.

  26. How do we expect our holy yidden that are not yet baal tashuva of the police forces in Israel to be come observent again? They see chillul Hashem on a dayly basis. If you meet a frum Israeli police officer i think we should be treating him/her with kovod for the simple fact they can over look such chilul Hashem. So upsetting why are the Chasidik leaders voicing this very strongly and publicly?

  27. At Reb Yashar:
    I do appreciate your gentle soft comment. Only people like you can give a
    for Mashiach to come.
    All those nasty comments, Mashiach hates those comments.
    Mashiach likes
    like Pinchas HaKohen, he was a sincere true honest
    Some of the Kanaim in this comment section are a bunch of fakers and Hashem is not happy with them. They are not like the true sincere honest Pinchas HaKohen from our Holy Torah.

  28. @avraham: Thank you. I was reminded to watch my tone when I saw your name (we have interacted in this forum in the past). So you are a mezakeh harabbim.

    Please do not read my comment on the other page (with the video of the old man). I posted it before I saw this conversation…

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