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IDF Continues Heavy Activity in Gaza, Kills Many Hamas Terrorists

The IDF says that soldiers have maintained their operational efforts in Jabaliya, located in the northern Gaza Strip. In recent days, the troops have focused on dismantling terrorist infrastructure, including launch sites and military structures, while also discovering numerous weapons caches.

Additionally, IDF forces have engaged in close-quarters combat and conducted aerial strikes, resulting in the elimination of multiple terrorists, some of whom were directly targeting IDF personnel in the area.

An Israeli Air Force (IAF) aircraft successfully targeted and neutralized a Hamas sniper cell that had previously fired upon IDF troops. Fortunately, there were no reported injuries among IDF personnel during this incident.

In the central Gaza Strip, IDF troops have also encountered and neutralized several terrorists through various engagements and tank fire operations.

During Friday’s operational activity in specific areas of Rafah, IDF forces confronted and eliminated a terrorist cell that initiated gunfire during close-quarters combat. Following the encounter, the troops conducted extensive searches, uncovering and dismantling tunnel shafts, terrorist infrastructure, and seizing significant quantities of weapons, including military equipment, weapon components, and explosives.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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