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In A First, Hezbollah Tries Downing IDF Jets With Anti-Aircraft Missiles

In the first attack of its kind, Hezbollah terrorists on Sunday attempted to down Israeli fighter jets over southern Lebanon by firing anti-aircraft missiles at them, the IDF said.

Baruch Hashem, their attempt was unsuccessful. Shortly later, the IDF killed the terror cell in a drone strike.

The IDF emphasized that the fighter jets were not seriously threatened by the missiles. However, the unprecedented attack is another escalation in Hezbollah’s steadily increasing war on Israel.

The elimination of the terror cell that launched the anti-aircraft missiles:

Hezbollah also launched numerous rocket and drone attacks at northern Israel on Sunday, including a rocket barrage of at least 10 rockets in the morning, some of which hit open areas in the northern Golan and caused fires to break out. Shortly later, two suicide drones landed in open areas in Ramat HaGolan, also sparking fires.

In return, the IDF struck two Hezbollah compounds, a rocket launcher and additional terror infrastructure in southern Lebanon

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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