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Technical Glitch in IDF Intelligence Unit’s System Revealed Ahead of Deadly October 7th Attack

A critical technological glitch in the elite SIGINT force Unit 8200’s system occurred on the night of October 6, just hours before the devastating October 7th attack.

According to Channel 12 News, the fault was identified, and specialized soldiers were urgently called in from home to address the issue.

The timeline of events is disputed, with a senior military intelligence official claiming that soldiers were summoned immediately, while another intelligence source stated that they arrived only after 3:00 AM. Either way, The system was finally restored to operation at 5:00 AM, just an hour and a half before the attack began. However, by the time it resumed extracting real-time information and reconstructing previous data, the attack had already commenced.

The commander of Unit 8200 said that information about the fault was conveyed to top officials, including the Head of Military Intelligence, the Chief of Staff, and the director of the ISA. However, a senior intelligence official claimed that he did not receive a report indicating that the system had ever been offline.

The IDF released a statement regarding the report, saying, “The IDF is investigating the events of October 7 and the preceding circumstances. The claims presented in the report are being checked as part of the investigations. Upon completion, the findings will be presented to the public transparently.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Technical Glitch A.K.A. השגחה פרטית c/o ונתנה-תוקף [Not helped by fact שופר was not blown on 1st day ראש-השנה]

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