School Opens in Sderot – Students Review Kassam 101


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The nation’s public schools opened on Monday, launching another year of learning for the almost 1.5 million students. For most, it was a regular day, but for the children of Sderot, the day began with a warm welcome and then a review of protocol, what to do in the event of a rocket attack.

Instead of touring the school building to show students the fresh coat of paint, the new bulletin boards and the school improvements, students are given a guided tour of the bomb shelters, safe rooms and mini shelters, given the explanation that they must always be familiar with their surroundings and know exactly where to run in the event of a “Color Red” incoming rocket attack alert.

Baruch Hashem for the last weeks the ceasefire has brought relative quiet, but senior military officials warn the fragile ceasefire is a temporary situation at best and that which follows may bring warfare on a level not yet seen chas v’sholom.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)