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Miami Mayor, Federal Judge Scrub Antisemitic Graffiti From Kosher Bagel Shop

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and Federal Judge Roy Altman helped clean graffiti from a kosher bagel shop in the city that was defaced with antisemitic slogans for the second time.

The words “Free Palestine” and “Stop Genocide” were spray-painted on Holy Bagels on Northwest 1st Street. The suspect also tore down a “Stand with Israel” sign in front of the store.

The owner, Josh Nodel, who also owns a kosher bagel shop in Miami Beach, said that both stores were targeted four times since October 7th. He told NBC6South Florida: “We’ve been targeted because of hate, because they know we are Jewish, we are supporters of Israel.”

Judge Altman told NBC6 that antisemitism in Europe before the Holocaust also began with graffiti on Jewish businesses.

“My grandparents went through the 1940s in Europe, and this is how it started, spray painting Jewish businesses,” he said. “We will not allow antisemites to silence us here, to convince us that the West is broken or bad.”

Suarez stated on X: “Hate speech, vandalism, and hostility will never be tolerated in the city of Miami. We will always support these small businesses as they face antisemitism.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. The owner of the store is “Josh Nodel”? If you switch the first letters of the first and last names, you get “Nosh Jodel”! Clearly, this name, and the whole article, are made up.

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