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We Have the Power to Make More Shidduchim – WITH YOUR HELP!

It was time for more.

Kesher is a shidduch center that was established 15 years ago.

There were monthly meetings where Shadchanim would exchange ideas and indeed, many of them came to fruition.

But it was time for more.
More talk. More action. More Shidduchim.

Rabbi Moshe Bender undertook to raise the funds – and create the new and improved Kesher: A centralized approach to the Shidduch process.

Now, these Shadchanim are equipped with the tools and resources they need to succeed:
A proper setup. A proper system. And a proper salary.

A stellar team of top-tier Shadchanim are hired to conduct full-time office hours, meeting boys and girls, presenting names and profiles, and brainstorming together.
The success is undeniable:

Thousands of young men and women met. And hundreds of Shidduchim completed BH.

And it’s more than that.
Finally, girls feel respected and dignified by the process, and Shadchanim are being compensated adequately.
It’s their destiny – and ours.

Donate to Kesher today and invest in the Shidduchim of Klal Yisroel.

Board members: Rabbi Itche Rosenbaum, Yaakov Frommer, and Noach Gordon.

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