Hizbullah Scanning Facebook to Prepare for Attacks


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fcbk.jpgAccording to the intelligence community in Israel, Hizbullah terrorists are becoming increasingly computer savvy, using Facebook to learn more about IDF soldiers, potential targets for kidnappings.

IDF intelligence officials fear that soldiers may unwittingly arrange to meet an internet companion, but in essence, may be rendezvousing with a terrorist. The IDF has undertaken an aggressive awareness campaign for soldiers, instructing them to be careful regarding what information they may reveal, cautioning and instructing them not to reveal the name of the branch of the service in which they serve, unit details and so-forth, especially the more classified units, the air force, intelligence, and elite combat units.

One military intelligence official explained that Facebook has become a major resource for terrorists, seeking to gather information on soldiers and IDF units.

Other fears including meetings arranged via Facebook in which soldiers remain unaware of the true identity of terrorists, becoming friends and then slowly revealing classified information that will be used to harm soldiers in the future.

One soldier, who serves in an intelligence unit, was sentenced to 19 days in a military jail for posting a photo of his base on Facebook.

Military officials realize the battle is an up-hill one since the new cellular telephone technology places a digital camera at every soldier’s disposal.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Great piece. Very important.

    There one Jewish organization who seem to be on the forefront of the issue of terrorist (and other antisemitic organizations) on Facebook. Their name is the Jewish Internet Defense Force (http://thejidf.org)

    They recently took over a major promotion/recruitment area for Hezbollah on Facebook:

    Apparently it’s not just Hezbollah, but Hamas, Al Qaeda, PFLP, and many other concerning groups.

    Are there any other sources on this info. with regard to the intelligence community in Israel expressing concern about the issues on Facebook?

    This is an issue the mainstream media and the Jewish establishment needs to wake up to. Thanks again!

  2. “Military officials realize the battle is an up-hill one since the new cellular telephone technology places a digital camera at every soldier’s disposal.”

    there is a very simple solution to cameras on cell phones… BAN THEM

    I work in a place where cameras are banned. if i was found to have a digital camera in my possesion it would be taken away, and in extreme cases I would be fired.

    the cell companies only offer soldiers specials because they want them. if soldiers were not alowed to have cameras on base they would have to buy different models of cell phones.

    Its not rocket science, but it takes a bit more policing than is currently happening.