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Betar Illit – ‘Torah & Chassidus’

beitar.jpgWell, there is a new slogan for the community of Betar – it is official. Previously, the large welcoming slogan under the village’s name was “Betar, the city of torah in the Judean Hills”. Today, the new slogan says, “Betar, the city of torah and chassidus in the Judean Hills”.

Indeed, many residents of the community are chassidim and the mayor is a Breslov chossid, it is now official, part of the community’s image and official slogan.

The mayor explains the decision to make the official change was prompted by complaints, but the real force behind inserting the word “chassidus” was the city’s Chabad shaliach, Rav Asher Lemel Cohen.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Re #1 kitzur_dot_net – It never ceases to amaze me how the innocuous can incite passion on this site . . . as if “Torah” and “Chassidus” are not well understood terms. Your comment strikes me as silly.

  2. As someone with close family living in Betar and knowing what is going on there, I must applaud Mayor Rubinstein for finally having done something since taking office over a year ago. Besides for moaning and groaning, he has done absolutely nothing in town and the city is on the verge of bankruptcy with the possibility of a “va’ada kruah” (a committee set up by the interior ministry to run the town instead of a failed mayor) loomimg ever closer.

    So well done Meir, finally you can say you have achieved something – wow!! With achievements like that, who needs more?!?!

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