Hamas Representative Warns of a New Intifada


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hamas1.jpgHamas parliament member Dr. Salah Bredvil during a Hamas-affiliated website interview stated the atmosphere for PA (Palestinian Authority) residents throughout Yehuda and Shomron is similar to the situation prior to the outbreak of the Intifada in 1987. He warned that the situation will not be tolerated and a powder keg is about to erupt.

“The first Intifada erupted as a result of the crimes of a Kahane gang, and the Palestinians decided to restore their honor.” The Hamas parliament member added that “today, there is an effort to eliminate the Palestine issue with Annapolis and the Roadmap Plan.” He stated as a result, he believes another Intifada is on the horizon and emphasized PA residents are no longer afraid, and they will restore their honor and change realities forever.

Responding to the comments, Itamar Ben-Gavir stated, “Today, the Arabs claim an Intifada will begin as a result of events in Chevron. In the case of the previous Intifada they blamed it on the occupation. In 1967 it was because Israel is a state and exists. In 1948 it was because we are Jews. The Arabs are always looking for a reason. We aren’t afraid and we are not deterred.”

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. do know y the animals cover there face with a ski mask ? because they know very well wat they r doing is wrong ,they r the children of avraham avinu, and avraham avinu stood 4 cheased , from busha and shame they cover there face . thats y we say in smonah esray ” magen avraham ” there grandfather our grandfather will shield us .Hashem yerachaim !!!!!!

  2. PLO has written extensively that the “Fight with Israel continues”, and if they are considered the moderates then to have Hamas intensify terror is no NEW NEWS.

  3. to post # 4 yr right . so y r we giving back land ? they r saying it str8 ” we want to kill all of you “. y r we making peace with animals ?
    were r are leaders ? our rabbis rosh yeshivs ?
    are they taking $$$$$ ?

  4. These arabs are insane and a tool of the satan. A second thought is how dare America (Bush and Rice) ever have a hand in Annapolis materializing.

  5. In addition, what about an intifada against their own kind for throwing acid on the face of an arab girl who wants to attend school as well as for the stoning of an arab woman who was assaulted?

    The only place in the Middle East an arab has due process is in Israel, which is why a Hamas leader’s three sisters are well-to-do residents and citizens of Israel.