And Yet Another Corruption Case Unfolding in Israel


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One can only wonder if there are any straight shooters remaining in Israel’s political arena as another corruption trial seems to be unfolding.

It has been learned that officials allegedly acted illegally and forged ballots in a number of polling stations in the vote for the Labor Party leadership between Ehud Barak and Ami Ayalon about 18 months ago. The evidence gathered has been handed to the State Prosecutor’s Office to render a decision regarding an indictment in the case.

In July 2007, Chief of Israel Police Investigations Yochanan Daninu ordered an investigation into alleged illegal activity in the Labor Party leadership race held a month earlier. The investigation followed a request from retired judge, Amnon Strassnov, who was in charge of the election and suspected foul play. He cited in four polling stations in the runoff elections, pointing to polling stations in the Arab sector. Ayalon election officials complained at the time, stating they actually saw ballots in the ballot boxes before the polls opened.

Labor secretary MK Eitan Cabel stated Labor called on police to move ahead with an investigation, stating the party will not tolerate such behavior. He added that during last week’s party primary election, a private firm was hired to oversee polling stations to eliminate the chance of illegal activities.

Cabel went on to criticize police for releasing the information now, weeks ahead of the general election, realizing the publicity will harm the party’s image in the eyes of voters.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)