Bar Ilan U. Administrative Employees on the Way to a Strike


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Some 1,000 administrative employees of Bar Ilan University on Thursday are declaring a work dispute to begin counting down two-weeks to a full strike. Work sanctions are expected to begin immediately however.

According to labor representatives, the schools director, Chaim Glick, is violating a labor agreement and is not acting in good faith, refusing to grant tenure to employees as per their labor contract. Glick is also seeking to cut spending by eliminating NIS 600,000 from annual employee benefits, which include a free daily newspaper and drink.

Workers explain that Glick is new and since he assumed his post 11 months ago, relations between labor and management have been steadily deteriorating.

Glick explains the real anger surrounds the elimination of the newspaper and drinks, but explains this will prevent the dismissal of employees as is the case in other universities.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)