Report: Hamas Signals it Accepts Egyptian Ceasefire


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hp2.jpgWhile details of the proposal have not yet been released, Arab sources being quoted by Ynet online are signaling Hamas is accepting the Egyptian ceasefire proposal.

The report adds that Hamas officials are still disputing a number of points, but are now willing in principle to accept the initiative.

In the meantime, in Israel there is a growing voice demanding that no ceasefire agreement of any kind be accepted without a provision addressing the release of Gilad Shalit.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. hamass is not a uniefed force so 1 membr of hamass that exepts has no bearingon any one else espicilly considering that any one who accepts is no longer pat of hamas!

  2. And that Gilad be returned alive, not like the others. Also, what assurance would there be that this wouldn’t just be used as an opportunity for Hamas to rearm? That’s what they did this past year. Who’s going to make sure that there are no tunnels opened?

  3. I guess they ran out of ammunition for the time being???

    Hamas Yemach Sh’mom V’zichrom should be told as part of the ceasefire they need to return Shalit as well anyone they are holding UNHARMED and if they are CHV harmed, each and every Hamas member standing at the transfer will be blown to smitherines!

  4. Baruch Hashem I am part of a people that is considered so moral and good that the world heaps condemnation on a state filled with this people for daring to defending itself from relentless attack.

    I would much rather be a part of that people than a group whose killing and maiming of innocents is virtually ignored because deep down the world doesn’t expect anything more from it!