Arab Media: Hamas Pressured to Close Shalit Deal


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gilad11.jpgAccording to Arab media reports, Hamas is under increasing pressure to close a deal with Israel for a prisoner exchange.

According to a report in the al-Quds el-Arabi, Hamas leaders were upset when they realized the sentiment in Gaza is one of disappointment and anger after hearing talks with Israel failed to reach agreement last week. After Israel published it was willing to release most of the terrorists on Hamas’ list, naming names, Gazans become increasingly displeased with the leaders, calling for flexibility to bring their loved ones home and result in the lifting of the Israeli embargo on Gaza – the opening of border crossings.

Hamas leaders the Arab media reports are aware were ‘set up’ by Israel when Jerusalem published the names of terrorists okayed for release, realizing it significantly increased pressure to agree with Israel’s position.

Additionally, the Egyptians are pushing for a deal, seeking to sell their point by reminding Hamas that once the new administration takes control, Binyamin Netanyahu is unlikely to be as giving as his predecessor. According to some reports, also emanating from Israel, talks are now on a low burner but this may change to higher-level talks in the immediate future.

The London-based Arabic al-Shark al-Awsat reports the disagreement is presently over five names on the Hamas list which Israel refuses to include in the prisoner exchange deal.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)