Israel Police to Fundraise for Gasoline for Vehicles


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Partly due to the increase in the price of gas this year, Israel Police officials last week appealed to the treasury for an increase in funding for gasoline for police vehicles, explaining the department has simply run out of funds for gas.

Some officers explain that they have gone to some of the authorized gas stations to fill up and were not permitted to do so, with managers explaining the department is not paying its bill. The police vehicles are being limited to 10 liters, about 2.5 US gallons. Not nearly enough to permit police to complete a shift as a patrol unit.

Senior officials in Israel Police national headquarters say this is no laughing matter, explaining the gas reality is one that can halt the department’s ability to function. Officials warn the situation is rapidly reaching a critical level.

Treasury officials have a different view of the current reality, rejecting the increase cost of gasoline to justify the current predicament, stating the price has been going down in recent months. Finance officials blame “poor planning” as the main contributory factor. Nevertheless, the treasury does plan to allocate additional funds in the coming days.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Let them walk. Considering that the main activity of the Police in Israel is oppressing Jews, I can not have any sympathy for them.