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Vatican Protests Mayor Barkat’s Planned Address in Yerushalayim

pope2.jpgSeemingly trying to walk a fine line between mending fences with Israel without insulting the PA (Palestinian Authority), the Vatican officials responsible for Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Israel, which begins today, Monday, have objected to Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat addressing a formal welcoming ceremony on Mount Scopus because the Vatican does not recognize Israel’s sovereignty over areas of the capital liberated in the June 1967 Six Day War.

As is the case with the United States, the Vatican views these areas, including the Kosel, and many neighborhoods as “occupied” by Israel, rightfully belonging to the Arabs.

The pontiff has also cancelled a planned event which was to be held near the separation fence Green Line area for fear of offending the PA. The pope’s advisors feared this may upset Israel, canceling the appearance arranged by the PA, issuing a statement the pope never planned to attend this event.

Israel and the Vatican signed a treaty establishing diplomatic ties in 1993, but Israel’s parliament has yet to ratify the agreement. The status of church properties in Jerusalem and valuable tax exemptions remain points of contention.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Tough luck Pope-ye! Nobody invited you here to desecrate Eretz Yisroel with your huge crosses which you didn’t even have the decency to conceal.

    I have never yet had such an intense dislike to any visitor to our land.

  2. Even the United States doesn’t recognize Israeli sovereignty over any part of Jerusalem,including areas that came under Israeli control during the 1947-1949 war. The left wing in Israel is under the delusion that the Arabs accept the 1967 borders which even the USA doesn’t accept (note the unwillingness to put the American embassy in West Jerusalem), when in fact most of the world is debating whether to accept the 1947 partition plan, or stick to a return to the status quo ante of 1914.

    However there is no need to be so angry at the Catholics for following a policy that is followed by almost every other country, including the United States. It might be better to make positive demands (reparations, return of Jewish property, support for Jewish civil rights in Catholic countries, etc.)

  3. The pope would be better served trying to mend the lives of Catholics who are the most openly dissatisfied with their religion and have high rates of divorce, abortion, alcoholism, drug addiction…etc etc.

  4. The Pope doesn’t recognize Israeli sovereignty over certain land, we don’t recognize the Pope as anything “holy,” it’s just one big non-recognition fest!

  5. The Church has problems recognizing the state of Israel for theological reasons, not political ones. It runs against the grain of an old Catholic tradition linking our exile to our rejection. Vehameivin Yovin.

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