Green Box Program to Monitor New Drivers


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A program is being launched in Kiryat Yam in cooperation with the Ohr Yarok driver safety organization, in which a ‘green box’ will be installed in the vehicle of news drivers. The device will monitor the driving habits of a driver. In the event of extreme activity, a dangerous pass, excessive speed or other sudden moves, a SMS text message will be sent to the cellular telephone of a parent or designated recipient.
The “My Way” system is developed by the Green Rod Company, an American firm that was launched six years ago by Israelis. According to project manager Michael Schwartz, the My Way unit is divided into two main components. The first part contains a sensor system installed in the vehicle, including a GPS and a unit that monitors the vehicle’s movement. The second component enables the driver to receive reports regarding his driving habits. The report may be transmitted in real-time to a cellular telephone or alternatively, it can be sent by email. The price is NIS 300 and then there is a NIS 68 monthly on-line charge.

Kiryat Yam City Hall is excited about the program and plans a campaign to encourage residents to purchase one, announcing it will subsidize the first month’s payment.
Chai Yosef, of Ohr Yarok, hopes 5,000 units will be installed in Israel, adding 200 people will receive it for free if they are willing to take part in a study. The study will be for one year, seeking to evaluate to what extent the unit improves driving habits.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)