Homefront Command Speaking Yiddish


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charedi2.jpgThe IDF’s Homefront Command is paying special attention to the chareidi community and is addressing the need to begin speaking Yiddish.

“In the event of a rocket attack, head for the nearest safe area” says the new Yiddish recording. The effort precedes the major nationwide training event, and as part of the major effort, the IDF will distribute instructional recorded media to the chareidi community in Yiddish. 120,000 copies of the Yiddish instructions will be distributed in chareidi areas.

Towards maximizing participation in the unprecedented nationwide event, IDF Homefront Command commander Major-General Yair Golan on Sunday will be meeting with leading rabbonim, seeking their cooperation towards instructing their followers to participate in the training exercise.

Realizing many chareidim do not listen to radio or see television, the decision was made to alert them to the training event using pashkavilim (street posters) and vehicles announcing the event through public address systems.

The 10-minute Yiddish instructions will include information how one should act in the event of an attack, what food items to store and how to deal with the young and elderly. There are an estimated 200,000 Yiddish speakers in Israel today, not all chareidim.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. There are three offical languages in Israel, they are: Hebrew, English and Arabic as you note by highway signs. Have the yiddish public learn one of these language if they are living in the country & concerned about their safety.

  2. If the Arabs in East Jerusalem and l’havdil the Sephardi Roshei Yeshiva know Yiddish, why not the typical Israeli soldier?