Bet Shemesh: Efforts for Shomer Shabbos Section in Beis HaChaim


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Bet Shemesh Deputy Mayor (Yahadut HaTorah) Shmuel Greenberg recently sent a letter to local religious council officials seeking a section in the city’s cemetery for the Shomer Shabbos community. Greenberg explains his actions are prompted by a growing number of requests from residents of The Diaspora who are buying plots in increasing numbers in Bet Shemesh, and they are seeking an exclusively Shomer Shabbos section. The same hold true for a growing number of local residents he explains.

In his letter, Greenberg points out that the request is not unusual, and a precedent already exists in other areas, adding in Tel Aviv, there are designated sections for members of the Haganah, artists and writers, so there is actually no reason to accommodate this request too.

Greenberg adds that it is unfortunate that people entitled to free burial in Bet Shemesh are compelled to pay considerable sums if they opt to seek a frum cemetery. He concludes by stating that if the concept will result in conflict among residents, then the entire matter is simply not worth it.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)