Chareidi Boycott of Hadassah Gaining Momentum


emergency3.jpgIt seems that with the child reportedly improving, now out of danger and having gained weight, the chareidi community is unwilling to place his future well-being in the hand of Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, continuing protests and demanding the child be transferred to Schneider Children’s Hospital in Petach Tikvah.

On Monday night, protestors gathered in the Har Nof neighborhood of the capital and davened maariv outside the home of Dr. Yair Birnbaum, the deputy director-general of the hospital who has already received death threats.

The pashkavilim campaign in Meah Shearim and elsewhere runs the gamut from accusing the hospital, denying the legitimacy of claims of Munchausen Syndrome, taking us back in history to the dark days of the missing Yemenite children and the 5769 blood libel, painting a clear “anti-Zionist” picture that screams of conspiracy against the frum community.

It has reached the point that the story of the boy hit by a bus on Yoel Street in Geula on Monday was transported to Shaare Zedek Medical Center instead of Hadassah Ein Kerem’s trauma unit, against the advice of paramedics, because the chareidi father refused to bring his child to Hadassah.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. A hospital (or for that matter, any business) that gets a reputation for being unfriendly to its patients (or customers) loses business. That has always been the case. Doctors who come to see patients as “lab rats” for them to demonstrate their skills upon, rather than human beings, are especially vulnerable. Doctors are everywhere trained to be scientists, which conflicts from the need to be humane and customer-oriented as well.

  2. It would be most interesting if Hadassah turned the tables and began refusing to treat chareidim. The era of the tail wagging the dog has to end.

  3. the deputy director-general of the hospital who has already received death threats??????

    How does YWN know its true???

    why do you people decide to believe everything the secular media says???

    wake up smell the coffee!!!

  4. We all have to think more than a thousand times now whther to use Hadassah Hospital. There are other very professional hospitals in Yerushalayim.

  5. What can you expect from doctors who went to university, where they were indoctrinated in the fairy tale of “evolution,”– that all men are realy great grandchildren of monkeys.

  6. zionflag: you are uninformed.

    I study medical science textbooks. They are riddled, through and through with evolutionary references, to my great annoyance.

    In fact Ben Stein made a movie recently–‘eXPELLED”– about how professors who refuse to accept
    Evolution as Holy Writ lose their jobs or are denied tenure.

    The Mother Ship of Evolution must be defended at all costs.

  7. The Chareidim have NO RIGHT to complain about their health care because most of them (in Kollel) contribute absolutely NOTHING financially to society. If they absorb the government welfare and get free or reduced health care then they have no right to “ban” or complain about a hospital. When they start paying taxes then they can complain. You can disagree with me, but it remains a fact that MY taxes go to pay their services when they don’t earn an income. I am not complaining about my health care at all.