Privacy of Frum Women at Separate Beaches Compromised


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photog.jpgIf this case was dealing with another population other than frum chareidi women, those responsible would most likely be the subject of a police investigation, Kikar Shabbat reports, but since this is the case, the modesty religious sensibilities of this segment of the population may be trampled, with impunity.

According to the report, this is just what happened for some frum women on separate beaches in Tel Aviv and Herzliya, photographed by AP photographers without their knowledge or consent, boldly deciding to ignore their modest lifestyle and compromise their religious standards of modesty.

Photographers Ariel Schalit and Tara Todras-Whitehall in their “The Summer in the Chareidi Community of Israel” photo summary seem to have ignored the lifestyle of these women towards documenting the photos required for their project. Hundreds of photos and video footage of chareidi women on the private beaches are included in their work. While Yediot did blur the faces, the beaches are no longer safe for frum yidden after this gross violation of tznius becomes apparent to the tzibur.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. The obvious answer is to ban hilonim. Send them back to where they came from. As is emphasized in the recent parshas, the gift of Eretz Yisrael is on conditions that Jews keep the mitsvos. Jews unwilling to do so, should be asked to leave.

  2. The fact of the matter is that one can use google to get a live view of any place in the world. Go to and then select maps. Put in your address and then select satellite. Zoom in a number of times, and you will see your home!

    This can be done with any location in the world.

    So, forget about separate beaches, mechitzas around swimming pools, etc. Anyone can see what is going on under the sky. All one had to do is use the google web site to see what is going on from a satellite.

    Y. Levine

  3. I am not Hareidi by any means, but I find this appalling. This has nothing to do with “freedom of the press”–this is a disgusting invasion of people’s privacy. The state has set rules for these public spaces–based on the sensititivies of a segment of the population–which these photographers take upon themselves to disegard.

    I do not know where this was published, but I certainly would not seek it out.

  4. the fact that you start off elul posting an article about pictures being taken of women at beaches really speaks volumes about the degradation in the content of this website. it really has nothing to do with the “yeshiva world.”

  5. Not trying to point fingers directly, I thinks that some commentators here need to think twice before commenting. Not everything that comes to your head should go out your mouth (or be written up).

    This issue obviously presents a problem and we will have to turn towards out gedolim for guidance. It will be a shame if religious women will not be able to go to the beaches anymore because of this lack of tzniyus on the side of non-religious reporters.

  6. Levine – Please have your facts straight before you post as such. Google has pictures archived for months or years. As a citizen, you cannot view a live shot from a satellite. Even so, you cannot zoom in enough on the archived shots to make out any figures on a beach with any clarity.

  7. I have a problem with some of the posters saying to ban chilonim or other people who wont respect people’s tzniyus desires. You cannot ban one group from a specific place while allowing others. Discrimination suit anyone? How about pressuring the city/newspaper company to fine those reporters? How about posting huge signs stating the rules for the area? And the consequences for violating them?
    It is not imperative for women to go to beaches untzniyus and maybe if they feel strongly about it they should go and stay dressed appropriately until the matter is cleared up.

  8. All beaches in Israel- including the mehadrin ones are staffed by male life gurads. All women who go to the beach should take that into consideration.
    additionally I have been to religious pools and beaches in E”Y where the chardei girls take pictures and guess what you might be in the back round.
    Shvitsi Hashem L’ negdi tamid!!!

  9. it is well know to all the G-d fearing women that the separate beaches are not 100 percent free of men, many times you have male joggers running through the beach, and many people from the othere side of the fence can easily come and see without any disturbance what so ever. so what do all these women do? they simply maintain their dignity by dressing properly even on a ‘separate beach’