Israel: Communications Concerns & Kosher Public Telephones


ywtext1.jpgIsrael’s Rabbinical Communications Committee is calling on the tzibur not to use the services of Hot, Netvision or Kavei Zahav, explaining they are cable and internet services that do not comply with regulations set forth by the vaad.

The rabbonim fear that having the infrastructure of the above-mentioned firms in one’s home, it may lead to internet connections and this must be avoided. The rabbonim are aware that connecting to these firms may be significantly less expensive than other companies, but nonetheless, one should not avail oneself of their services.

Negotiations with the companies and the vaad are taking place, with the rabbonim seeking a way to connect without the need for an internet infrastructure in one’s home.

The notice adds that the vaad calls on mosdos to only use kosher public phones, which have internal safeguards blocking access to unwanted services.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. YW response to burning wigs, “filtering” microscopic bugs from water, driving a man out of business for “untznius” ads depicting women wearing wigs: RABBOYSAI! WE MUST FOLLOW DAAS TOYRAH!

    YW response to anything more “machmir” than where I’m currently holding: YOU’RE CRAZY! GET A LIFE!

  2. Hey guys, this is just like any other product or business, if somebody (a Kashrut BaDaTz) cannot get his (or theirs) hands in it, therefore is BAD. It has to have a truck load of “seals of approval” aka Mehadrin min Mehadrin from the “eidah” charedit to Belz hasgahah. It all Money, Money… and since they can’t control the internet, forget about it, it must be Banned. I know that there are many dangerous sites for our Neshamot , just as cigarettes are dangerous to our bodys and Neshamot, but people still use them unfortunately.

  3. The Rabbonim are the ones dealing with the issues of divorces, marriage conflict, rebellious childer, etc and they are saying that the Internet is a large contributor to those issues and therefor should be avoided.
    All those that criticize need to give an intelligent rebutal to be taken seriously.

  4. # 1Ariel dohan who should get a life?all the rabonim?we do not talk like that about rabonim!! #3 every “aveyra midirobunun” is that you shouldn’t by mistake do the “aveyra” the torah says. I guess they don’t feel its good enough just to teach people right and wrong ,but you have to make restrictions not to come by mistake to the aveyra of the tora. Ksiva vi chasima tova!!

  5. I have Bezeq (for infrastructure) and Netvision (as ISP), for almost 4 years, and happy with it.

    For my work and private life, I need access to numerous Dutch sites, which I do not assume are qualified ‘kosher’ by the ‘kosher internet’ providers.

    I’m soon going to switch from a kosher to a non-kosher cell phone also, since I’ve had it with the extortionist practices associated with kosher phones. I don’t see why I can’t send my wife an SMS when I am going to be home 30 minutes later than I said (which would be a lot cheaper than calling).

    For international calls, which I make a lot from my cellphone, I intend to use Skype from a smartphone with unlimited 3G (data) access, which will save me a lot of money.

    I’m simply done with this entire “Vaad” and am trying to focus on somewhat more important things in life, such as how to pay the bills. A kosher cell phone cripples your communications abilities and is equivalent to robbery on the financial side. It’s 2009, I’m an IT expert with a lot of experience and knowledge in communications, and I intend to set up a completely free system of communications for my household in which we’ll only pay a fixed sum per month (ie, the phone + unlimited data plan + cheap subscription for other calls when needed).

    Every cellular company knows that its future lies only in data communications (now 3G, soon 4G – LTE). Soon everyone will be using Skype, and soon Google Talk etc to call each other for free, from PC to Smartphone etc, and there will barely remain any normal, paid calls.

    By the way, I should also mention: never buy Motorola (Mirs). We have two Motorola (Mirs) phones, different types. They continuously have problems: defective batteries, defective antennas, defective chargers, and the batteries are simply VERY weak. While my 2004 Nokia phone from chu”l has 6 – 7 days of continous standby, my 2007 Motorola from Mirs has 1 (without any calls, maximum 1.5) days of standby! I’m talking about a difference of 168 hours for a 2004 Nokia, and 36 hours for a 2007 Motorola. The other Motorola, from 2008, has an astonishing 48 hour battery.

    But of course we’re stuck with Mirs, and these horrible phones, for 3 years… B”H they’ll be over soon, for me at first, and I’ll be saying ‘goodbye’ to the world of kosher cellphones once and forever.

  6. Why cant we teach instead of banning? There are kosher and non kosher uses for everything. There are many non-kosher internet uses, but listening/watching shiurim, getting your “halacha a day” or chofetz chaim daily email, or reading divrei torah are all kosher uses. You need to learn how to use the kosher ones and just dont ban everything. How else will people learn to control themselves when they face a new situation? How else will people learn self control, a basic facet of yideshkeit?