Immodest Attire Prompts Attack Against A Woman


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tznius.jpgLast week, pashkavilim were seen in Beit Shemesh addressing an incident in which a woman appearing in immodest attire was attacked. The notices were a condemnatory message against the attackers, who assaulted the woman in the name of tznius. It stated the attack was perpetrated by youths and children, including throwing a stone at her.

Rabbi Uri Regev, who runs the Chidush organization, commented on the unfortunate event on Yaron Dekel’s program on Israel Radio’s Reshet Bet. He has words of praise for Mishpacha Magazine, for using the forum to comment on the event in an editorial, condemning the behavior of those involved.

Regev stated all “mehadrin Jews” must distance themselves from such unacceptable actions.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. FYI
    YWN wrote

    Rabbi Uri Regev, who runs the Chidush organization.

    Rabbi Uri Regev is one of the three most powerful Reform Rabbis in the world. He headed the Israeli reorm movement, the World Reform Movement and has constantly ran to the iaraeli Supreme Court to have Israel recognize reform conversions and rabbis. etc.

    Chiddush is an organization founded just last week to destroy the Orthodox hegemony in Israel.

  2. It stated the attack was perpetrated by youths and children

    There is an URGENT NEED to assess the CHINUCH that is being taught and modeled to these children and youths.

  3. NeveAliza,

    I see you take Uri Regev’s new designation very seriously. Indeed, why don’t you go ask Regev for wardrobe recommendations; as the originator of the term, he can surely guide you.

  4. Rabbi Uri Regev is one of the three most powerful Reform Rabbis in the world. He headed the Israeli reorm movement, the World Reform Movement and has constantly ran to the iaraeli Supreme Court to have Israel recognize reform conversions and rabbis. etc.

    And so what? Assuming the story to be true, it really doesn’t matter if Rabbi Regev is Reform, Conservative, frum or anything else. The important part of the story is the story itself, not the person who reported it.

    The Wolf

  5. Title search please…
    What prompted the attack? The immodest attire? Is there any justification for attacking anyone, ever, based on their attire?
    What prompted the attack? Closedminded chinuch? Self righteous sinas chinam? Bigotry?
    Let’s condemn the action for what it is, and the perpetrators for who they are, and not give it any justification by accepting any implied cause.

  6. Rabbi Regev has been in the forefront of Reform Judaism’s attempt to gain a foothold in Israel through the dehumanization of Charedim and their leaders. I believe this is the first time he has said someting complementary about Charedim. In the past, he would be the last to give any Charedi the benefit of the doubt,

  7. Anyone referring to Uri Regev as “rabbi,” please stop. If he is an adherent of Reformism (a religion which, like Christianity, is an offshoot of Judaism) then he is no “rabbi.”

    What we need to hear are authentic Chareidi Rabbi’s condemning this type of behavior. As to the Reverend Regev’s opinions, no Jew need be interested.

  8. where were those “pashkavilim”?, I sure didn’t see them, I’m in Beit Shemesh on a daily basis, but I know that these attacks are very frequent specially against the same russian women that come to clean their apartments in RBS Beit, and some Religious women from RBS Alef and Sheinfeld have been victims to these attacks.

  9. While some readers of this forum may not consider Uri Regev as a Rabbi, at least he has enough Torah values to condemn this type of behavior, which is a lot more than many Hareidi Rabbanim of Ramat Bet Shemesh Bet.

  10. uri Regev has been very selective in his condemnations.

    Uri Regev has never condemned attacks on Charedim by secular Jews,the manslaughter of a frum yid protesting a video store in Jerusalem by the store’s owber, the painting of Swaztikas on Orthodox Shuls,ripping mezzuzahs off doorposts and burning them, sicing german sheperds on 5 year olds trying to enter a bais yaakov in Tsoran Etc.

  11. Wolf: It certainly does matter. This clergyman is posul l’eidus (for one thing.)

    Please… he’s not testifying in Bais Din – he’s offering an opinion praising Mishpacha Magazine for covering the story.

    I wasn’t aware you had to be kosher l’eydus for that.

    The Wolf

  12. Anything said by Mr. Regev has a presumption of falsity.

    So what is the problem here, Joseph?

    Do you doubt that the attack took place? If so, I qualified my comment above (#9) with an “Assuming this story is true…”

    Or do you have a problem with condemning such attacks if they, in fact, did happen?

    The Wolf

  13. Fine. You don’t like Rabbi or Mr. Regev. We’ve established that.

    Now, then, can you tell me what the issue here is as per my post above? Or did you just want to take a post-shot at Rabbi/Mr. Regev and you had no interest in the story itself?

    The Wolf

  14. That R. Rgev is pasul as an eid hardly seems relevant. He’s not speaking to any facts at all. Rather he’s expressing his personal approval for the way the magazine addressed the event in question. Can someone please cite a source that says that a pasul eid is not allowed to make known his point of view in public?

  15. The Reverend Georgios Papadopoulos of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem also had words of praise for Mishpacha Magazine for condemning the behavior of those involved.

    I made that up…but get the point! That Rev. Regev had any opinion at all on this matter is relevant to whom exactly? Answer: nobody (except if you’re a follower of the Reverend). So why is his opinion being published on a “frum” website? That’s the question.

  16. I wonder about the motives for attacks like this. Is it really kana’ism? The buring outrage that someone is not tznius in a frum neighborhood? Or is it something “fun” to do that so far hasn’t been assured? If many Russian cleaning ladies have been attacked as somone said, they should stop going to these neighborhoods and let these “righteous warriors” clean their own homes.