Rav Blau: Fox Franchise on the Boycott List


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fox.jpgThe Fox franchise has embarked on a NIS 250 million advertising campaign, one that is most offensive to those who value modesty, frum and non-frum alike. It has been about two years since the company’s offensive signs were removed from the billboards of Ayalon Highway, but on Wednesday, (October 21st), a 400 square meter billboard presented a major affront to those who value modesty and decency.

Rav Mordechai Blau of the Mishmeres HaKodesh announced Fox has stores in frum areas such as Bnei Brak, and many chareidim shop in one of the nationwide stores, including those in mixed areas, and the community does not plan to accept this new reality as a fait accompli. “Even companies advertising on buses have learned one must respect the community” and the truly offensive adverts have been eliminated.

Rav Blau explains “this is not a laughing matter” and the offensive adverts are unacceptable. He stated that thousands of chareidim will stop purchasing anything in Fox shops, unwilling to accept such an offensive reality in Eretz Yisrael. He explains that the unacceptable realities on the internet and other forums are no less offensive, but when they hit the streets, the frum community is left with no alternative and as a result, he is compelled to act to remove the abomination.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. We are with you all the way.
    BTW statistics have found that immodest signs on highways and intersections cause fender benders, crashes, injuries due to INATTENTION to the road and attention to the poster.

  2. The chillonim are the biggest woman abusers on the planet. They dehumanize woman with their superficial pleasure-oriented demands of them. This Fox ad is a typical example.

    Poor Bar Refaeli is a tool of the enemy of woman. An Uncle Tom putting on white face for the cruel Master’s entertainment.

  3. This is real bad for Fox’s. The’re going to have to cancel their entire bekesha and strimel line. Plus all the charadie women who would normally buy their entire (circa 1800)wardrobe at fox’s will take their government money elsewhere.

  4. If we want to live in a hiloni state, be it America or Israel, suchs ads (and such clothing) are what we have to put up with. We can object in our own neighborhoods.

    One alternative in Eretz Yisrael would be to switch to an Islamic state, in which their laws (which in most non-criminal matters resemble our law – we should have sued for plagerism) ban such.

    Or we can patiently wait for Meshiach to come, and hopefully provide respectable clothing for the frei Jews.

  5. Mr. Apukerma, I must say that I envy you.(Even though it isn’t right to envy anyone). Your midas habitachon and your emunah p’shuta is unbelievable. I’m sure that you maintain this level of emunah and bitachon in your personal daily life when it comes to health and your parnassah. You just patiently wait for hashem to give you whatever is bashert for you. Kol Hakavod, keep it up.

  6. akuperma,
    We may have to put up with it, but that doesn’t mean we have to fund it.

    And don’t compair the US to Eretz Yisroel, there we have a lot of Jews getting closer and closer to YOUR creator, and the struggle to secularize the atmosphere is real. ‘Hilonyut’ is not a given.

  7. #2 Bar Refaeli is not a guy, she is the model for Fox and lives not far from me in the US.

    I agree with number 4 & 5.

    We are making a fool out of ourselves. Not an ounce of yiras shamayim will come from this campaign. You dont want to buy Fox, dont. I am charedi and my kids do wear it, I will not stop buying their stuff, just like I will not stop buying Coke, Pepsi, Heineken, corn flakes and any other non frum co. that advertises with untzniyusdika models.

    Sheesh, lern a blat Gemoro and get a life.

  8. What is the nature of the authority of Rabbi Blau? I would love it if we as Torah Jews had central authority, but we don’t, at this time.

    These sorts of quasi-rabbinic bodies — even when supposedly endorsed by leading rabbonim — do not replace the need for an individual rav for a family and any ben/bas Torah.

    I am sure he is a good person, but I have never met Rabbi Blau. I am not bound by him and neither are you. If you want to boycott then boycott, but let’s not turn this into another social structure to discriminate between “real Jews” and their brother to their left.

  9. The same battle was fought by residents of FR & 5towns against an immodest full building sign. Get to the company, its executive board, its stockholders and supporters and CHANGE WILL COME.

    Islamic Law is the furtherest from Torah Judaism, with its total disregard for human dignity, rights, derech eretz and ben adam lechavaro. Plus davening 6 times a day is a BIT OVERBOARD…

  10. I really don’t understand some of you. In chutz la’aretz, there is usually little that can be done about something like this (ALTHOUGH RECENTLY YOU MAY RECALL, RELIGIOUS GOYIM HAD A VERY PREETZUSDIK BILLBOARD REMOVED FROM TIMES SQUARE!). BUT, in Eretz Yisrael, where we do have the power to influence things like the nature of an ad campaign, why wouldn’t we, why SHOULDN”T we? To the contrary if we can put pressure in the right places to take shmutz off the street, we absolutely SHOULD! The fact that we can’t (pre-Mashiach) correct EVERY wrong in Eretz Yisrael, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do what we can. Lo alecha ha’malacha le’g’mor… but…

  11. yochi, how much , shevat mussar, ohr chaim hakodosh , mesilas yeshorim, lo sasuru achrei eineichem etc, etc did you learn. not much., if you dont understand the torah issues involved

  12. #13 good point, NOT!
    You are ready to win the battle and lose the war!

    You will get them to change, and hate us even more and do more thing lihachois.

    Its golus, you dont like it, move to meah shearim, they are not advertising there. You dont want to support them dont. Just mix out of their hair, for crying out loud!

  13. Shimen,
    I do not mean that you specifically speak loshon horo, it was a moshel.
    You said that Bar Rapheli, who btw has a neshomo just like you and me, “works for the Satan” so I wrote that she works for the Satan just as much or as little as you do when you sin.

    Ver bistu bichlal to call any Jewish person, bifrat a tinok shenishba an agent of the Satan???

  14. I see we have lots of Iyovs on this board.

    Iyov was so ‘smar’t that he figured out his vote wouldn’t make any difference when Pharoa and Bilaam voted to kill the Jews. So he gave up.

    when Hashem sent suffering to him and he screamed in pain, the Malachim asked why was he crying, it won’t make any difference.

    The posters on this board who are so ‘smart’ because they know you can’t fight pritzus don’t really feel the pain of having an innocent woman sell out to the yetzer hara right in front of them.

    For me, I’m going to stand up and say no. I’m not ‘smart’ enough to think it won’t help. I’m standing up for Hashem no matter what. Join me, guys. No Fox on Avreich Man’s family!