RCE Decries High Court Involvement in Matters of Yiddishkeit


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 The Rabbinical Council of Europe has released a statement sharply critical of the High Court of Justice and its involvement in matters of halacha, matters under the jurisdiction of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

The statement explains that no outside body in Europe would attempt to compel a rabbi to give a hechsher, referring to a recent court decision compelling the Ashdod Religious Council to give a kashrus hechsher to a bakery owned by a Jew for “J”, as was reported by YWN-Israel. The court ordered the city’s chief rabbi to grant a hechsher without a fulltime mashgiach, despite the council determining that restaurant owner Penina Comforti does require fulltime supervision. 

The RCE rabbonim explain they are concerned over the state’s repeated involvement in religious matters, and in this case, seeking to compel Rabbi Yosef Sheinen Shlita to give a hechsher against his halachic ruling, calling on the High Court to cease its improper involvement in halachic affairs.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. How is it possible for the Israeli High Court to enforce a Rabbi giving a Kashrus Hechsher to a bakery owned by a Jew who who violates the Torah by worshiping the idol Yoshka?

    If she worships an idol, how could one possibly trust her Kashrus?