Police Make Arrest in Mosque Arson Attack


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arrest6.jpgPolice on Thursday afternoon arrested a suspect in an arson attack against a Shechem area mosque that occurred earlier this month, as was reported by YWN-Israel.

The suspect was taken into custody in the area of Tapuach Junction in Shomron. He is a grandchild of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane HY”D. It should be pointed out that the suspect has endured a great deal in his short life as a result of Arab terrorism.

Both his parents, Rabbi Binyamin Ze’ev and Talya Kahane HY”D were murdered by Arab terrorists, as was his grandfather.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. The fact that he endured a great deal doesn’t excuse his actions. This was a stupid provocative act that potentially harms other yidden by prompting revenge attacks.

  2. As per #2.

    His parents and grandfather have themselves to thank for getting killed by Arabs. They were asking for it.

    That doesn’t justify it, no. Absolutely not.

    But if I go around telling people blacks are disgusting, subhuman creatures who should be expelled or killed, I can’t complain if some black extremist kills me afterwards.

  3. #4 since when does speaking the truth…no matter how imfammatory….excuse murder? Meir Kahane spoke the truth and the events in the mid-east each day prove it.

  4. The Leftist anti-Jewish government would go after Kahane and his family or any other Jew but would avoid at all costs to capture the Arabs who burned Kever Yosef.

  5. BS”D

    Rav Meir Kahane HYD did NOT say Arabs are subhuman. That libel comes from the secular press and from “comfortable Jews who could not answer uncomfortable questions”.

    He simply said what halacha says which is that their only right to live in EY is as gerei toshav which they are not prepared to do. (Where he erred was thinking that EY was ready for anything near a halachic state which cannot occur without Moshiach).

    Indeed he wanted to have them paid to leave, not chas vesholom to exterminate or torture innocents as they would do to us.

    And no, for many reasons I am not a Kahaneist. Actually, most of what he did was mere talk and his few followers who did act went way off their rockers.

    Nevertheless if he gotten the seats he would have gotten had the Bolshevik establishment in EY not banned him, EY might have been a safer place today. More importantly, had the Feds investigated who El Sayed aNosair YMS was working for and not dismissed the murder because of Kahane HYD’s views, 9-11 may never have happened.

  6. #1 – Nablus stands for “Nevala” or the term for the ravaging of Dina by Shechem.

    #4 – I hope your name isn’t Daniel Breslauer. The Blacks now have your name…you aught watch your back.

    #5 – Let me explain. I would have agreed with you but R”M Kahane, who’s politics I completely agree with, made a big mistake by provoking the arabs in calling them “animals.” While I agree with him 100% in principal, there is no point in name calling. If he would have kept his comments above board and joined the Likud, he may have been elected the PM.

    #6 – Right on

    #7 – “endured a great deal” is opinion? So you think it would have been better for the author to have written about their mutilated bodies????

    #9 – You’re fooling yourself regarding his speeches. He called arabs “animals.” I saw/heard it myself.

    You are however correct in that RM”K’s murder was the first El Quaida attack. And the justice department poo-pooed it.

  7. BS”D

    10 – it is possible that toward the end he did say things like that. I only read his earlier writings which were very clear and not overly emotional at all.

    R’ Kahane HYD meant well and had only the safety of the Jewish people in mind. However, he was not stable by any means, and while he meant well, his own followers reported that he did and said many bizarre things as he got older.

  8. Rabbi Meir Kahane HYD was right calling the Arabs animals because that is the way they act. What person in their right mind would kill himself the way they do. Just look what happened on Dec. 25 and on Dec. 30. These people will do anything in the name of Allah is that not an animal or what. R. Kahane was very close to Maran HaGaon HaRav Ovadia Yosef that was his rav. I also know from being with him that Torah was his life from the time he got up (4:00am) in the morning he was learning till he went to bed after his coffee (2:00am) he was learning. The only time he did not learn was when he was speaking and all his speech’s had to do with Torah. The only other time he did not learn was when was trying to save a jewish life from himself. There are a lot of Jews would not be jewish if it was not for him. To all of the other jews maybe he was your wakeup call or your cup of coffee in the morning. Jews in Brooklyn and around the world that buy German Cars are still sleeping. Jews wakeup the fire is burning again.
    Thank You
    Have A Great Shabbos

  9. #4 To quote the last sentence of your post, “I can’t complain if some black extremist kills me afterwards.” True- once someone is killed – they can’t complain. 🙂

    #12 and #14 – So I guess we still don’t know who did it?