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PA Illegals Apprehended on Highway 6 – In Israel Police Van

When border police patrolling for illegal PA (Palestinian Authority) residents inside Green Line Israel saw a police van traveling on Kvish 6 (Highway-6) they did not pay too much attention, certainly not suspecting illegals were being transported in the vehicle.

What caught their attention however was the fact that the van was traveling 160 KPH (100 MPH). This prompted them to signal the van to pull over, realizing it was excessive, even for a police vehicle. The driver was none other than an Arab male who studies medicine in Romania, but here back in Israel, earns extra money transporting PA illegals.

It appears the police vehicle was an older vehicle taken out of police service and sold, but for some reason, the department marking were not erased as is usually the case, or perhaps they were restored. In any event, border police opened the van to inspect it – finding 18 PA illegals inside. The driver/medical student was arrested. The illegals were questioned, checked for security violations and released with a warning, that a second occurrence will land them a spot in jail along with the driver.

During the questioning of the driver they learned that he earns a handsome sum transporting illegals, explaining the 18 passengers paid him NIS 250 each. He explained during his vacation, he does several of these trips daily, paying his way through medical school.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Maybe, if Israel would have stipends for university students like European countries do, and tuition inside Israel would be free (and admission to medical school realistic and possible to achieve), he wouldn’t need to do such things.

    I see no need to condemn this (literally) poor student. I understand his actions 100%, though I may not agree with them.

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