IDF Chief’s Flight Delayed Fearing Arrest


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IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-General Gabi Ashkenazi’s flight to Brussels was delayed for a number of hours earlier this week for fear he might be arrested upon arrival in Europe. Ashkenazi was traveling to a NATO meeting of military chiefs.

Ashkenazi was scheduled to depart at 4:00pm on Monday, but the flight was canceled ‘for security reasons’ attributed to fears of an arrest warrant. Officials add there were also concerns regarding security arrangements for the military commander in the airport in Europe.

It was decided to abandon the original travel plans, with officials opting for a direct flight to Brussels, avoiding a European stopover.

It is now standard procedure that prior to Ashkenazi or other senior IDF officers traveling abroad, a probe for arrest warrants is made. Of late, the travel plans of a number of officers, holding the ranks of colonel and brigadier-general were canceled due to arrest warrants against them.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. “It was decided to abandon the original travel plans, with officials opting for a direct flight to Brussels, avoiding a European stopover.”

    Huh? Nudnik – where exactly do you think Brussels is located?

  2. This is so preposterous! Such an insult to every Jew, and every decent man, woman and child who cares anything about fairness within the world order!

    How long will Israel have to put up with this lastest Hitlerist taunt?! Israel needs to address this outrage in the strongest terms possible. My idea may be wrong, but my intuition tells me Gabi, Ms. Livni and anyone else who is threatened with arrest upon arrival at any one of these blood-soaked joints should just call their bluff and go! If they arrest any Israeli Gov’t or military who’s who, Israel should consider it an act of war, and deal with it accordingly. Israel could, in one hour, deal Belgium or the UK, such a blow like they could never imagine, whether by means military or political. But – of course – that’s not the way in which the stupid, politically-correct Israeli honchos think these days.

    Such are the fruits for Israel to reap for endless pandering the public opinion of every single shnooky ciountry in the world!

    Enough is enough!!!

  3. For those talking about Brussels being in Europe, he can go there because it’s on diplomatic business much like Qaddafi or Ahmedinajead can go to NY without problems.

  4. A- Gen. Ashkenazi did make a Europen stopover before reaching Brussels(, Yes, it’s also in Europe), He stopped in Turkey to meet with his
    Turkish counterpart.
    B- I am astounded at the lack of Engish language
    knowledge exhibited by YonasonW. The article’s third paragraph is perfectly and correctly written.
    C- DaasTorahWtchdg seems to lack Daas Torah Hashkofa with his simplistic, yet belligerent,
    analysis and suggestion.
    D-Regarding A23: Qaddafi,etal can visit NY only because that is the agreement made by the UN with
    the US State Department, or because the US wishes to grant them visas. It is very different in Europe. This, because, although Belgium ( where Brussels is the capital)may have granted Ashkenazi a visa,Spain or the UK, for example, can issue an arrest warrant for him while he is
    in the EU.